COVID-19: Mr Worker donates a pressure washer to sanitize Red Cross' Ambulances

Published : 04/3/2020 16:47:26
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In this difficult moment for healthcare on a global scale, it is more than ever necessary to help one another and show one's closeness and gratitude to those who every day face this situation on the front line, helping and taking care of the increasing number of patients affected by COVID-19. Donations from the citizens can provide fundamental support in such a moment of crisis, for example to help hospitals to set up new intensive care units and support the Italian Red Cross, so that it can continue offering assistance, health and logistical support during the emergency. In this context, the need to use professional equipment to sanitize environments that helps minimize the risks of exposure to Coronavirus, to which personnel working in hospitals and ambulances is constantly subjected, is growing exponentially.

For this reason, the Mister Worker™ team took action in order to support the essential work done daily by the Italian Red Cross, intensely committed both in terms of health activities and assistance to the population. These are top priority services in this period of health emergency, that has also social consequences. In fact, the work of the Red Cross involves not only the emergency and ambulance service, but also social activities in favour of the most vulnerable groups of our society, for example through the delivery of medicines at home.

In particular, the Susa - ODV Committee of the Italian Red Cross, which constantly fights against the expansion of COVID-19, is working incessantly to find immediately spendable resources that can be used to respond immediately and effectively to the current crisis. As a sign of gratitude for the valuable work done by each operator of the Red Cross, we decided to reply to their help request of instruments for the sanitation of ambulances by donating one of the best Annovi Reverberi professional hot water high-pressure washers available on our website.

Annovi Reverberi high-pressure washer

Thanks to its engine power and very high pressure, this hot-water high-pressure washer is particularly suitable for washing and sanitizing large surfaces, and we hope this tool can help facilitate the essential cleaning and sanitizing process of the Red Cross’ vehicles and ambulances. The model we have chosen to donate is the 1310 professional hot-water high-pressure washer, suitable for deep surface cleaning, since, compared to cold-water pressure washers, its jet of hot water has a very high degreasing efficiency. This professional high-pressure washer, belonging to the series 13 of Annovi Reverberi, is a high-quality tool with an external structure in AISI 430 stainless steel, which, thanks to its robust conformation, guarantees an extremely long service life. This model is particularly suitable for sanitizing large surfaces thanks to the combination of the power of its induction electric motor (2.5 Kw) and the pressure of the hot water jet (150 Bar), which can reach a temperature of 150° C. Moreover, this model is excellent for continuous use thanks to the high maximum flow rate of 500 litres per hour.
The hot water jet of this pressure washer is capable of fully removing the bacteria present even on large surfaces, for example those of ambulances, it ensures optimal and quick decontamination, especially when used in combination with sanitizing detergents, and faster drying time than most professional cold water pressure cleaners.

In this historical moment more than ever, everyone understands the importance of cleaning and hygiene. Mister Worker™ offers a wide range of professional tools for spraying and distributing cleaning products and detergents. Within our category dedicated to cleaning and sanitizing you can find pressure sprayers, professional hot water high-pressure washers, thermometers and thermal cameras. These are very effective tools to improve the health and hygiene conditions of surfaces, both indoors and outdoors, to eliminate bacteria and viruses.

If there are other institutions or organizations that are working on the front line to face the current health emergency and need instruments for the sanitation of environments, such as hot water high-pressure washers and pressure sprayers, we invite you to get in touch with us. Mister Worker™ will do everything possible to support the requests that will arrive, offering the supply of these products at cost price, without drawing any profit from it.

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