Published : 09/22/2018 10:56:02

We are always willing to make new special offers customised for our customers, and this time we have prepared a premium Stahlwille deal. If you buy over € 50.00 of Stahlwille products, you will get for free the special cable-cutter scissors for electricians (commercial value: € 14.75)! This is a primary tool for every electrician, because it allows to safely and precisely work on electric cables. 

Stahlwille scissors for electicians for free

To take advantage of this special deal, all you have to do is choosing the Stahlwille professional tools you need and fill the cart for at least € 50.00: we will add the scissors to your order and send them to you for free.

In our catalogue you can find a wide range of tools to choose from: from the ones for car repair to those for plumbers, from tools for electricians to professional inspection lights, and even a lot of Stahlwille torque control tools, the brand flagship element.

Stahlwille special deal: scissors for electricians for free

Stahlwille cable-cutter scissors are a basic tool if you are an electrician: the handle is made of insulating material, to work safely on electric cables, while the internal structure is completely made of stainless steel, which allows you to easily cut different types of electric cables. Two further features are the anti-slip micro-toothed cutting blade, to make precise cuts and avoid the cable slipping from the blade, and the presence of a wire stripper inside the blade, to quickly and easily strip cables.

The commercial value of these scissors for electricians is € 14.75, but with every Stahlwille brand order over € 50.00 you will get them for free! An unmissable deal, specially if you are an electrician and you need to buy new professional tools for your working activity.

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