Published : 12/22/2017 11:19:04
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One of the most popular products sold by Mister Worker is the USAG 280 T key, which allows you to loosen or tighten screws with a hexagon socket. Excellent for use in confined spaces, it allows access to otherwise inaccessible fixing structures. In short: your hands will remain clean without getting fat, whenever you need to repair your engine.

The key USAG 280 T is renewed, today, thanks to an innovative system of interlocking between the crossbar and the stem, such as to give maximum resistance to torsion making it even more robust and reliable. Reliability, functionality and safety are essential characteristics in the design phase of USAG tools.

USAG 280 T Wrenches

The 280 T model is the most sold and appreciated, produced using raw materials of the highest quality such as special steel alloyed with Silicon Chrome Vanadium, but USAG has in its catalog a wide range of T-shaped keys to meet the needs of each professional. At Mister Worker™ you will find numerous T-wrenches designed to ensure maximum maneuverability, such as:

  • T-wrenches with 280 TTS spherical head, which allow the screw heads to be maneuvered by holding the key blade tilted up to 30 ° with respect to the screwing axis;
  • T-wrenches with 280 TK sliding crosspiece, which facilitate work in points where the crossbar of standard keys can not operate;
  • T-bolts for TORX® 280 TTX screws, which better resist cam-out when the tightening torque is high, thanks to a larger contact surface, and avoid damaging the screw head and / or the tool , ensuring the centrality of the key on the vine.

The 280 T keys have been designed in such a way that they can apply tightening torques of at least 30% higher than the values ​​prescribed by the ISO standards. Beyond these values, that is, for tightening torques of over 30%, the key starts a plastic deformation which, in this way, warns the operator that the applied twist is excessive so as to avoid dangerous crashes. With these premises, then, it will be possible for me to be passionate about tuning using these keys as if I were a professional!

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