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Have you ever wanted to buy a new roller cabinet but then, because the choices available were far too many, you gave up or delayed the purchase? Roller cabinets are essential companions for every garage, laboratory, whether you're a mechanic, an auto repair shop, tyre shop or body shop. However, there are so many models available for sale that choosing the right roller cabinet for your needs can sometimes become a difficult task. 

Because I know how important this choice is, I’d like to help you choose the most suitable roller cabinet for you. Specifically, I would like to talk to you about USAG roller cabinets, top professional brand. They are available in several models: Racing 519 or 521, Sprint 518 and Start 516, each comes with different characteristics, features and price. I decided to introduce you to one model for each kind, the one I deem having the best price/quality ratio.


The USAG 521 RX3V roller cabinet stands out for its ability to very easily hold both large and very small tools. This is possible thanks to both the intermediate compartment for large materials and to pockets designed for small parts and screwdrivers that you will find on the work surface, it is made of high-strength plastic material with an integrated two-component handle.

In addition to the spaces listed above, there are also two extractable side drawers with removable internal partitions and handles with room for T-shaped wrenches, as well as a front drawer that is also fully extractable for your bulkiest equipment. Lastly, the lateral sides are arranged for the assembly of additional accessories that can be purchased separately.

You can understand the quality of this cabinet from the many details that I have already outlined, but, to be honest, there is another element that makes the solidity and strength of this product obvious: it consists of 60 kg of sheet steel that will stay beside you in your workshop for many years, without ever disappointing you.


This USAG Sprint 518 S6V tool cabinet has 6 three-module drawers and comes with a high-strength ABS worktop and full-extension drawers mounted on ball-shaped telescopic rails, with sizes ranging from a minimum of 60mm in height to a maximum of 270mm. This trolley is also available with five and seven drawers, to meet all your needs. This tool cabinet is ideal for all those who have to make frequent trips to their workshop because it has both a worktop integrated double handle, and, as all the other USAG cabinets, a combination of fixed and pivoting wheels, one of which has brakes.

The cart can be sold either empty or with an assortment of tools for cars or industry, useful for those who need complete and high quality new equipment.


The Racing 519 tool cabinets are some of the best in the USAG range. Made of sheet steel with epoxy resin coating, they are available in numerous configurations. In fact, not only you can find them with 6, 7 or 8 drawers, they are also the first to be designed with a modular width range, ie with different width measures depending on the tool-holder modules that can be contained in each drawer. They also have a maximum static load of 900 kg, to allow you to deposit everything you want without any inconvenience.

This wide range of available models will allow you to have the top of the range products, best suited to your needs and adaptable to any corner of your garage or repair shop. To give you even more ease of use and comfort, the worktop is made of anti-scratch aluminum with special anti-fall edges, to be ready for any movement, even the most abrupt, which would otherwise risk ruining low quality carts, not equipped with an anti-scratch surface.

Speaking of the drawers, the handles are made of anodized aluminum, with internal pads in oil-resistant rubber, so that after using them, the tools will not get grease or dirt on the drawer casing or on other tools. Moreover, they are equipped of a quick opening system, they are totally extractable, mounted on telescopic ball guides. This way, you can easily find and retrieve any tool you have stored, for optimal use of the capacity of your cart.

Always considering the maximization of space, USAG has predisposed side panels and a back panel for mounting accessories to hold other objects, so you can always have them at hand! For example, you can purchase a waste holder separately and connect it directly to the tool cabinet. You can do the same with a bottle holder, to hold products such as cleaning detergents, a document holder, a roll holder or a perforated panel, the latter is only available for the USAG range in the Racing category, ie the models 514, 519 and 521.

Even the transport is very easy: all the trolleys of this series are equipped with ergonomic handles integrated with soft-touch coating and are equipped with rubber bumper profiles on the drawers and on the uprights. In addition, the models equipped with wheels, ie those with 5 drawers or more, are also equipped with anti-oil rubbers, two of which are fixed and two pivoting.

USAG knows that every mechanic cares a lot about their tools, and I myself consider the tools I use most often as an extension of my arms. Because of this, a centralized lock security system is included.

Finally, for those who do not need to move their cabinet around in their workshop, the 519 USAG series also includes fixed drawer units with 4 or 5 drawers, which you can match to a transport kit. The main differences between the fixed cabinets and the roller cabinets are therefore the portability, as the latter is easier to transport, and the ease of work, because, although both are equipped with aluminum worktop, it is more convenient to work leaning on the roller cabinets. 

USAG's keywords have always been practical, sturdy and high quality, attributes found in all their tool cabinets: no matter which one you choose, with USAG you will always have an impeccable performance! Also, thanks to the specific modules in the catalog for the electronics assortment, electrical engineering, hydraulics, maintenance, cars or heavy vehicles, you can satisfy any of your professional needs, for a truly avant-garde personalization.

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