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Why choose a German tool?

When working in the aviation, construction, automotive or mechanical engineering flields, the focus is on safety, quality, ergonomics, performance and saving time and energy. In these fields, there is nothing that compares to German-made tools.

Here on Mister Worker® you can find a wide selection of the best German tool brands to help you in your daily work.

Our Top German Tool brands



Knipex is the reference when it comes to pliers. Their handling, ease of use, efficiency and durability are world-renowned. The company is a success story dating back to 1882 and originating in Cronenberg, where at that time Carl Gustav Putsch founded a small pliers forge with a craftsman and two apprentices.

Shortly afterward, the Knipex brand name, by then considered superior to its competitors, was registered. The German company became the market leader in Europe in 1951. This was confirmed by ever more important innovations, such as the Alligator® pliers, the Cobra® pliers, the Cobolt® compact bolt cutter, and the pliers spanner.

Knipex stands as the unrivaled authority in the realm of pliers. Its reputation for exceptional handling, ease of use, efficiency, and durability is recognized worldwide. This success story dates back to 1882, originating in Cronenberg, where Carl Gustav Putsch established a small pliers forge with a skilled craftsman and two apprentices.

In a short span of time, the KNIPEX brand name surpassed its competitors and was registered, solidifying its superiority. By 1951, this German company had become the market leader in Europe, a position reinforced by groundbreaking innovations like the following:

  • Alligator® pliers,
  • Cobra® pliers,
  • Cobolt® compact bolt cutter,
  • Pliers wrenches.

In 1987, Ralf Putsch assumed the general management of the company, further propelling its international growth to encompass over 60 percent of the market today. In subsequent years, the company established sales offices in Moscow and branches in the USA, China, Dubai, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, and India.

Another testament to this brand's reign in the world of pliers is the revolutionary Knipex ErgoStrip® universal wire stripping tool. This ingenious hand tool combines three cable processing functions in one, enabling users to work swiftly and efficiently.

If you find yourself questioning "are Knipex pliers worth it?", the resounding answer is yes. They represent the gold standard in the industry. With their ergonomic design, you can wield these pliers comfortably throughout the day without experiencing discomfort or fatigue.

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Bosch Professional can be traced back to its inception in 1886 when Robert Bosch founded the 'Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering' in Stuttgart-West.

Since its humble beginnings, the brand has embarked on a remarkable journey characterized by a relentless pursuit of innovation and a deep-rooted commitment to social responsibility.

Not long after its establishment, Bosch ventured into the realm of low-voltage ignition magnets, a technology already known and utilized by the larger Siemens & Halske. However, in a groundbreaking move in 1897, Bosch Professional integrated this magnetic device into a motor tricycle, revolutionizing magnet ignition in the automotive industry.

Half a century later, the brand made a significant impact with the introduction of their groundbreaking cordless power tools—a battery-powered hedge cutter and drill. This moment propelled the company's trajectory, fueling continuous advancements and relentless improvements in cordless power tool development.

Today, Bosch Professional is an esteemed name renowned for its innovative power tools designed to cater to the needs of professionals and homeowners alike. Their extensive range encompasses corded and cordless tools, rotary tools, laser leveling devices, power tool accessories, and more. This comprehensive portfolio has earned the brand the trust and loyalty of users worldwide, cementing its status as an industry leader.

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Founded in 1925 by business partners Albert Fezer and Gottlieb Stoll, Festool initially focused on repairing woodworking machines and upgrading them from plain bearings to ball bearings.

Even today, the core mission of this renowned German power tool brand remains unchanged: to craft top-of-the-line power and air tools that empower craftsmen. Their products and services not only simplify the work of tradespeople but also enable them to achieve exceptional results with greater efficiency.

The brand has garnered a loyal following among professionals in various fields, including joiners, cabinet makers, timber construction experts, carpenters, painters, varnishers, and those involved in renovation and restoration projects.

But what sets Festool apart?  The answer lies in their unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality tools that offer uncompromising performance. When we say it, we mean it! Once individuals experience the precision and reliability of this company, they swiftly transform from fans to dedicated enthusiasts.

Festool's success stems from its focus on creating high-performance tools that are robust, reliable, and meticulously precise. Over the years, they have introduced numerous groundbreaking innovations, such as their dust extractors and cordless options, which have elevated the German manufacturer to a league of its own. Their tools are designed with practical applications in mind and have undergone continuous improvements over time.

If you're eager to immerse yourself in the world of Festool, you're in luck! At Mister Worker®, you'll discover an impressive selection of their most renowned products, including the Festool Domino, track saws, sanders, and Systainers. Explore the range that has captivated craftsmen worldwide and experience the unparalleled craftsmanship and performance that Festool is synonymous with. 

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STAHLWILLE never compromises when it comes to quality. Every product from the company undergoes meticulous manufacturing at its three German plants, adhering to the strictest quality control standards. Through state-of-the-art manufacturing methods and the use of premium materials, the company ensures that the highest level of precision is achieved, meeting the most stringent tolerances.

For over 150 years, the firm has been synonymous with the relentless pursuit of perfection. From its inception, founder Eduard Wille dedicated himself to the development and production of the finest tools in collaboration with customers.

Even before 'Made in Germany' became a symbol of guarantee and quality, Eduard Wille recognized that maintaining high standards was the key to exceptional production. He established one of the most advanced production facilities for German tools at the Wuppertal-Cronenberg site, setting the stage for excellence.

As a manufacturer of spanners, screwdrivers, torque tools, and trolleys, STAHLWILLE stands as a true titan in the field of dynamometric tools. They were one of the pioneering European tool manufacturers to grasp the significance of controlled clamping, allowing them to anticipate and adapt to evolving technological trends through innovative solutions in the industry.

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When it comes to acquiring tools of exceptional quality, one name truly stands out among manufacturers and brands: Hazet. With a commitment to excellence ingrained in its DNA, the company has grown to become one of the most widely recognized and respected German tool manufacturers worldwide

Hazet's tool ranges are not just ordinary; they exemplify innovation and unparalleled quality. Their comprehensive selection extends far beyond traditional hand tools like screwdrivers and spanners. They offer a plethora of specialized tools meticulously designed for the automotive, aviation, and industrial sectors. This expansive range ensures that Hazet caters to a wide spectrum of tooling needs, providing professionals with the right tools for the job.

Since its inception, Hazet has remained at the forefront of the industry by continuously adapting to the evolving demands of the automotive sector. With a keen understanding of automotive requirements, Hazet has crafted tools specifically tailored to meet the unique challenges faced by professionals in this field.

Hazet's unwavering dedication to quality has not gone unnoticed. In 1996, they proudly became the official supplier of Porsche Motorsport, a testament to their reputation for excellence. Furthermore, Hazet has garnered accolades from Werkstatt Aktuell Magazine, winning the "Best Brand" award in both the "Tools" and "Pneumatic Screwdrivers" categories for four consecutive years. These prestigious recognitions solidify their position as a true industry leader.

While Hazet tools may bear a slightly higher price tag compared to their competitors, this reflects the company's commitment to maintaining its high-quality standards. With an unwavering business philosophy and state-of-the-art production facilities in Germany, the company ensures that each tool boasts exceptional craftsmanship and uncompromising durability. By choosing this brand, you are investing in tools that are built to last, providing you with the reliability and performance you deserve.

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ks tools

KS Tools is a renowned German hand tool brand that excels in providing top-quality tools for a wide range of industries. With a legacy of excellence, its strength lies in the following aspects:

  • Unwavering commitment to precision,
  • The use of the most resistant materials, 
  • Constant innovation of its tool line and manufacturing methods

KS Tools products are crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Thus ensuring reliable performance and longevity in demanding work environments. The brand's extensive product lineup encompasses a diverse array of hand tools, power tools, and specialized equipment. All are designed to meet the highest standards of craftsmanship. Trusted by professionals worldwide, KS Tools stands tall as a symbol of reliability. This German tool company is a benchmark for those seeking tools of the highest standards.

Take a look at the whole product range on our website, including socket sets, toolboxes and spanners.

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einhell tools

In the field of tools and equipment, Einhell stands as a formidable force, manufacturing state-of-the-art solutions for both household and garden applications. Situated in Landau/Isar, Bavaria, this company has garnered international success by relentlessly expanding its rechargeable battery platform, Power X-Change, establishing itself as the market leader in cordless tools and garden equipment.

Over the years, Einhell has consistently redefined industry benchmarks, particularly in terms of endurance, performance, and safety. This commitment to excellence has resonated with users seeking the freedom of cordless operation for their diverse DIY projects. The appeal lies not just in the convenience, but also in the assurance of enduring quality.

Furthermore, Einhell products (such as cordless drills, saws or lawnmowers) are recognized for delivering excellent value for money, resonating with a consumer base that values efficiency without sacrificing quality. In addition, the company's reputation isn't just built on products; it extends to first-class customer service, embodying a commitment to ensuring user satisfaction.

In this landscape of tools, Einhell emerges as a steady companion, not just an option for projects but a reliable partner in navigating the intricacies of DIY endeavors.

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Renowned as one of the finest German hand tool brandsGEDORE has made its mark in over 70 countries worldwide. With its headquarters nestled in Remscheid, Germany, the company employs over 2,000 skilled individuals across six German locations, along with production facilities in Brazil, England, Austria, and South Africa.

When it comes to tools, owning one of this brand's tool sets symbolizes the pinnacle of success. This producer represents more than mere aspiration—it embodies quality, trust, and unwavering reliability.

Whether you're a hardworking farmer, a seasoned professional craftsman, or a passionate DIY expert who demands nothing short of excellence, the company provides the strength and undeniable quality you seek to conquer any task.

Curious about the distinction between Gedore Red and Blue? GEDORE Red emerges as the smarter and more affordable alternative while retaining the renowned quality and durability synonymous with the brand. While GEDORE Blue continues to be in the premium range, GEDORE Red delivers exceptional value for your investment, ensuring you never compromise on the exceptional standards set by this esteemed German brand.

The comprehensive GEDORE Red range encompasses a diverse array of essential hand tools, each precision-made by the brand you know, love, and trust. Just like its premium counterpart, every tool in the "Red" collection undergoes hot forging, imparting exceptional strength, and is backed by the brand's renowned lifetime warranty.

Explore both lines on Mister Worker®, where you'll discover an array of top-selling products, from versatile toolboxes to reliable torque control tools, from automotive essentials to plumbing must-haves, and much more. 

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Wiha was founded in Wuppertal in 1939 by Willi Hahn. In 1943, the company headquarters were moved to Schonach. Initially, the German brand used to manufacture only in nuts and bolts, but later, in 1947, began the production of screwdrivers. 

From the best DIY tools to the most meticulous automotive tools, the firm strives to not only meet, but exceed your tooling expectations. They are renowned for developing, designing, and manufacturing products with very high standards, ergonomic comfort, and durability. When comparing Wiha insulated screwdrivers with those of competitors, the safety factor comes to mind. 

Although this brand's tools are a bit expensive, their quality guarantees a very long service life, so you won't regret it. It is simply a good brand that gets the job done.

In particular, the company  has made a name for itself in the manufacture of insulated tools, which are essential for working with electrical appliances and preventing electrical accidents. An increasingly growing market is the electric car market, and what better tool than this brand's VDE-certified tools?

What is Wiha's best invention? The SpeedE, of course: the world's first E-screwdriver! It eliminates all the constraints associated with manual screwing. Indeed, this revolutionary tool will allow you to screw twice as fast as with a traditional screwdriver. Moreover, you will keep full control of your tightening force. A material protection function is integrated. Once you reach a certain torque level, the electric power assistance stops and you can tighten the screw by hand.

In short, the Wiha SpeedE E-screwdriver is ideal for all jobs. From assembling furniture to installing sockets to repairing lawnmowers or any other motorized appliance, this revolutionary tool will make your tasks easier and more enjoyable!

From speedee screwdrivers to VDE and ESD tools, from dynamometric tools to measuring devices, on Mister Worker® you can find the best selection of this manufacturer's tools and top German brands.

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For over 70 years, Rothenberger has remained at the forefront of pipe tool technology, establishing themselves as an industry leader. Their range of high-quality tools is tailored for HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) and plumbing applications, all offered at affordable prices. Each and every tool created by this German brand is meticulously designed with a focus on exceptional quality and durability, ensuring optimal performance for the tasks at hand. Whether you require pipe cutters, water pump pliers, or staggered aluminum pipe spanners, Rothenberger provides a diverse selection that is unmatched by most.

So, why should you choose Rothenberger? The answer is simple. Few companies can offer such a comprehensive shopping experience where you can find everything you need, and Rothenberger is one of those exceptional companies.

At Mister Worker®, we present you with a staggering range of over 6,000 items from the Rothenberger brand. Our collection includes pipe cutters, cable baskets, augers, deburring blades, drain cleaners, and much more. These products are versatile and invaluable in a wide array of situations, whether you're tackling an HVAC project, working on plumbing installations, or engaged in any other relevant endeavor.

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Today, Dremel stands tall as one of the most esteemed German power tool manufacturers, operating as a wholly owned subsidiary of the renowned Robert Bosch Tool Corporation in Mount Prospect, IL. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Dremel has earned a loyal following among DIYers, woodworkers, and hobbyists alike.

Since the inception of the high-speed rotary tool in 1934, Dremel has been at the forefront, aiding makers with a comprehensive range of versatile and user-friendly tool systems that cater to nearly any project, big or small.

From their iconic rotary tools to the innovative Multi-Max™ oscillating tools, the powerful Ultra-Saw™ and Saw-Max™ multi-saws, the flexible Fortiflex™ shaft tool, and the cutting-edge DigiLab 3D printer, Dremel offers a vast array of solutions. When you choose Dremel, you can embark on your projects with unwavering confidence. Their tools embody a perfect blend of compact size, ergonomic design, precision, and versatility, making them ideal for various applications and materials.

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fein power tools

Fein has established itself as a leading German brand in the power tool industry, appreciated for its superb products. The brand's core strength lies in its constant striving for excellence and precision engineering. This brand's tools are designed to provide the following benefits:

  • Unparalleled performance, to complete your projects quickly and with excellent results
  • Durability, so that your tools can be in your toolbox over long periods
  • Efficiency: the brand always aims high, using the best production techniques, the strongest materials as well as the highest safety standards

Be it versatile drills or state-of-the-art multi-tools, the producer pushes the boundaries of technological progress. Professionals around the world trust Fein, which has a reputation for reliability and enduring performance. With a constant focus on customer satisfaction, the German power tool brand continues to set the standard for excellence. That is why its tools are highly appreciated by professionals from various sectors.

Discover the brand's wide range of tools at Mister Worker®: from Fein Multimaster multi-tools to saws or dust extractors.

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vigor tools

Vigor is a renowned German tool brand that embodies strength and reliability. The manufacturer stands for ongoing dedication to quality. That is why its tools have earned a solid reputation among professionals. The brand's success lies in its ability to provide long-lasting, high-performance tools that meet the demands of the most demanding jobs. VIGOR tools are made with precision and attention to detail. They thus provide optimal serviceability and durable performance. From hand tools to toolboxes, the producer offers a complete range of items. Each one is designed to excel in various sectors and applications. With a focus on user experience, the brand combines innovative design with robust construction. To provide tools that deliver exceptional results. Trusted by professionals around the world, VIGOR is a symbol of trustworthiness. 

The complete assortment is available in our e-commerce shop. From toolboxes to ratchets and sockets to air tools. Buy what you need now!

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brilliant tools

Experience the revolution in tool manufacturing with Brilliant Tools, the dynamic new brand introduced by the esteemed German brand KS Tools. Designed to simplify your toolkit and enhance your productivity, this secondary brand emerges as the go-to choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

This innovative brand offers professionals seeking cost-effective solutions an impressive assortment of highly intelligent, top-quality products. From versatile wrenches to extremely precise screwdrivers, Brilliant Tools covers all the must-have hand tools. And for automotive enthusiasts, this sub-brand's specialized tools meet every need, making complex repairs a breeze. Yet the surprises do not end there: do you need to organize your workspace? Look no further than their range of toolboxes and workshop equipment.

Brilliant Tools is not just a brand; it's a revolution. Join the ranks of those who demand excellence without breaking the bank. Embrace the brilliance that awaits you and elevate your craftsmanship to astonishing new heights. With these top-class tools by your side, every task becomes an opportunity to showcase your skills and achieve remarkable results. The future of tools is here.

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halder hammers and mallets

Halder sovereigns the realm of professional hammers and mallets. The firm's strengths are its strenuous dedication to top-notch quality and a mindset geared toward optimizing product performance.

Boasting an impressive 80 years of experience and a global team of 200 qualified workers, the business has firmly secured its position as a premier producer of precision tools, including hammers, sledgehammers, and more. 

In addition, many other factors make the brand truly noteworthy. The staff has always employed state-of-the-art machinery in production. In addition, the very rich product range offered, which includes mallets, sledgehammers, and other tools, is not to be overlooked. This diverse product line has solidified the company's reputation, making it a reliable choice to meet the needs of the market.

Opting for Halder tools represents a commitment to precision, flexibility, and efficiency. Their steadfast dedication to the highest quality standards guarantees that every tool bearing their name outperforms your expectations.

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A history of dowels…From the shelf in the living room to the lamp in the kitchen, from the cabinet in the bathroom to the coat rack in the entrance hall, Fischer is the giant of fixing solutions. For construction workers, electricians, renovation workers, carpenters, architects, engineers, designers, and simple do-it-yourself enthusiasts, this small object, the Fischer dowel to be precise, is of unique importance.

Founded in 1948 as a small workshop in the Black Forest in Germany, near Hörschweiler in Waldachtal by Artur Fischer, the group operates worldwide as a leader in the fastening systems sector.

To this day, the German tool manufacturer, with more than 5,200 employees worldwide, and 50 subsidiaries in 38 countries in Europe, China, and the American continent, has established itself with the power of innovation expressed in almost 2,000 inventions and more than 3,000 patents. With more than 14,000 products, in compliance with the most up-to-date European and international standards, Fischer has always been the point of reference for Installers and Designers in civil and industrial construction.

Those who choose Fischer receive more than a safe product range. The German brand always aims to develop the best solutions for customers worldwide. This not only means innovative products but also user-oriented support and reliable service. 

At Fischer, innovation is the order of the day. The brand is open to new things and prepared for change, always with the aim of offering customers the greatest possible benefits. Over the years, the development and production sites have developed numerous fastening solutions for the widest range of applications.

Find on Mister Worker® the complete range of the market leader in anchor technology and the fastener industry from nylon fixings, and mechanical and chemical anchors to fixings for plumbing, insulation, and more.

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KUKKO is synonymous with solutions for disassembling components without risk of damage. When designing a tool, the company focuses not only on functionality but also on perfect handling.

What began in 1919 as a small local factory in the cellar of a residential house is a globally active family business in its fourth generation led by owner Michael Kleinbongartz.

The market leader is based in Hilden, Germany, where it employs 80 people, and distributes its products to more than 100 countries worldwide. Today, the brand is no longer just a manufacturer of mining tools, but above all a developer of solutions, whose extensive know-how and far-sightedness ensure that everything runs smoothly and trouble-free.

The innovative KUKKO pullers are the ideal choice for the non-destructive removal of, for example, bearings, bushings, cams, and pulleys. They surround the part to be removed and rest on the shaft without damaging it. With a wide range of unique pullers available worldwide, the brand always has the ideal solution for every application.

Discover all internal and external extractors and the main innovations “PULLPO” and “Selecthor” on Mister Worker®.

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MARTOR, the German knife brand, is the international leader in cutting solutions. The family-owned company from Solingen achieved to combine quality and innovation for over 80 years in the production of premium cutting tools for industrial and professional use. 

Its core business is safety knives. Over the years, the firm has continued to expand its catalog in order to provide customers with maximum cutting comfort and efficiency. Thanks to the German tool company, trading industries, logistics operators, and automotive companies have made their manual cutting jobs more professional. 

The three ranges offered by this producer are:

  • SECUNORM, with a semi-automatically retractable blade
  • SECUPRO, with an automatically retracting blade; 
  • SECUMAX, with permanent protection around the blade. It guarantees optimum safety for users. And although the company also offers models with a ceramic blade for specific sectors of activity, its flagship product remains the SECUMAX 350, which is multi-purpose and even changes the blade without any contact with its cutting edge. 

Explore the brand's catalog and you will find the entire range of high-performance safety knives with quality blades from Solinger. All are suitable for a variety of applications and materials, such as multilayer cardboard, paper, plastic strapping, adhesive tapes, bags, films, and film-coated pallets.

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German tool distributor

Made in Germany has always been synonymous with quality and reliability. When deciding to purchase hand or power tools for the garage, for mechanics, or for electrical work, there are numerous variables to take into consideration, to be sure of buying products capable of ensuring excellent performance, durability, and adequate ergonomics.

Among the many brands available on the market today, there are some that have managed to win the trust of consumers, thanks to the high quality of their products and their ability to keep up with the times, offering cutting-edge, functional and increasingly technological tools.

Mister Worker® offers a wide range of German tools: browse through our catalog and take advantage of the continuous offers we provide every month.

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