Best Festool tools: what makes the brand special?

Published : 02/16/2023 11:57:46
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Festool tools

Festool is without a doubt one of the most chosen brands on the market of professional tools. The company was established in 1925 by Albert Fezer and Gottlieb Stoll. At that time it focused on woodworking machinery maintenance as well as their re-equipping from plain to ball bearings.Today, the business is specialised in the production as well as global distribution of high quality power tools and accessories. 

But what is so special about Festool? The brand enjoys great success across the world for its tools and solutions, made of high quality materials, able to withstand even the most difficult challenges, as well as providing professionals with impeccable results. Each item is conceived from real-life experience and comes from the brand's years of existence. The company's commitment to create outstanding, reliable, accurate products, plus its multiple innovations, like dust extractors or cordless power tools, brings the brand to a superior level. 

If you are asking yourself "is Festool high quality?", well, the more than 350 patents and 80 awards, but above all the positive reviews from a large number of satisfied customers, attest to the high level of this brand’s items. 

Today, on the Mister Worker™ blog, we will discover why this brand is so unique and what drives professionals to choose its products, such as plunge saws, sanders, drills, including the groundbreaking Systainers and the popular dust extractors. In addition, we will give some useful advice and answer frequently asked questions about the brand. 

Are Festool tools made in Germany?

The firm designs and develops its wide range of revolutionary, high-quality power tools in its home country: Germany. In fact, they are principally fabricated in Neidlingen and Illertissen. The firm also has a production site in Česká Lípa, in the Czech Republic.

Very often, however, Many people ask “is Festool made in China?”. The short answer is no. All the business’ items are manufactured exclusively in Europe.

It is also commonly asked who owns Festool: the company is owned by TTS Tooltechnic Systems AG & Co. KG, a well-known producer of industrial tools along with hardware items. 

What does Festool mean in German?

Many people wonder why the brand has this name. Put simply, it derives from the conjunction of two different names: the surnames of the original founders Albert Fezer and Gottlieb Stoll

Why do woodworkers use Festool?

Professionals such as joiners or carpenters choose tools like sanders, routers, planers, saws or dust extractors of the renowned German brand for carrying out a broad range of woodworking tasks since they offer improved cutting performance, low-vibration running, enhanced durability together with modernised dust extraction equipment. Festool is pledged to provide the ultimate power tools, with well-proven quality and versatility, to suit every application that requires total accuracy in the woodworking field. 

Best Festool tools to buy

The German producer boasts a wide variety of differentiated tools, therefore it is difficult to state which are the top products. Of course, there is a broad number of excellent items, but the following are generally considered the “must-have” tools: 

  • Festool TS 55 FEBQ-PLUS-FS track saw: one of the most appreciated models. The saw blade has an enhanced service life, enabling a more concentrated torque along with a fast work process. In addition, a broad range of accessories allow for flawless saw performances;
  • Festool Domino DF 500 Q-SET joining machine, characterised by a unique routing principle for portable machines, that ensures an accurate work without kickback;
  • Festool Rotex 150 FEQ-PLUS 240V, that incorporates three tools in one for coarse as well as fine sanding and polishing. This tool features an eccentric movement principle that allows it to reach perfectly smooth surfaces;
  • Festool CTL MIDI I 240V CLEANTEC, ideal for use while on the move thanks to its space-saving dimensions, low weight and robust design. An intelligent touch operation guarantees a user-friendly management of the tool;
  • Festool OF 1400 EBQ-PLUS, featuring a robust base platform due to guide pillars on both sides. Furthermore, the improved rocker and ratchet principle ensure a comfortable cutter change.

Festool power tools

One of the top-selling product lines of this brand is surely power tools. It includes a vast range of both corded and cordless power tools, such as track saws, the popular “Domino” routers, plunge or mitre saws, as well as sanders, drills and many other items.

Festool Domino

Festool Domino

Joiners belong to some of the most preferred tools of the brand’s catalogue. In particular, the models equipped with the DOMINO joining system enjoy great success. This system combines the accuracy of a round anchor with the flexibility of a traditional flat dowel, thus guaranteeing incredibly stable and unnoticeable joints, the ultimate solution for joining panels.

Besides the previously named model, DF 700 EQ-PLUS DOMINO XL joining machine is a product worthy to be mentioned: in addition to the patented routing principle, its stops can be immediately set, in order to achieve the most accurate results. This model can be applied for operations like frame construction of doors, the assembly of tables, chairs or stable mitre joints. Another successful item is the DOMINO DF 500 Q-Plus, featuring a oval shape footprint, that provides enhanced stability. Furthermore, the strikers are easily adjustable for precise results

The following is a recurring question: “when does the Festool Domino patent expire?” Generally, in Europe these patents are valid for 20 years.

What is the difference between Festool 500 and 700?

With the DF 500 model, thanks to its smaller cutters, you can effortlessly work on finer material for panels, drawer sides, smaller boxes, plus many others. On the other hand, the DF 700 XL can cope with large 8/4 or 12/4 materials, wood plates and is able to join particularly dense objects. 

Is Festool Domino worth it?

Although those products are considered quite expensive, we can assure that they’re capable of coping with any woodworking tasks, providing great results as well as a pleasant work experience. 

Festool track saws

Outstanding durability, power and maximum precision: a Festool track saw is the perfect solution for professional craftsmen. With these saws, featuring a simple operation as well as exchangeable saw blades, it is possible to cut a wide range of materials, from wood to sheet metal or plastic.

How deep can a Festool track saw cut? It depends on the model. The TS 55, for example, can cut to a depth of 1-15/16” (50 mm), while the TS 75 can cut up to 2-3/4” (70 mm).

Festool Sanders

Thanks to their versatility and its compact structure, this brand's sanders allow you to benefit from enhanced comfort, even on difficult-to-reach surfaces. These items are conceived for manual use and can be utilised for carrying out woodworking applications in construction sites or workshops. When attached to a dust extractor, these sanders are able to guarantee clean, neat results, while eliminating the inconvenience of a dusty, dangerous workplace. 

Which Festool sander should I buy?

Since the variety of sanders developed and sold by the German brand is vast, we can suggest some of the most successful models of this kind of tool:

What is the difference between the Festool sanders? Generally speaking, the 125 sanders are handier to use. However, the 150 models, as they provide 50% more sanding surface, guarantee a faster work progress. 

Festool dust extractors

Festool dust extractors

Dust extractors are another flagship product of the brand. They are characterised by high extraction capacity and a spacious container structure. Furthermore, they’re equipped with an intelligent SYS-Dock function, thanks to which Systainers can be quickly connected to them. With these outstanding items, professionals can safely and efficiently remove dust, dirt and water in all working environments, such as construction sites or workshops. 

What's the difference between a CTL and CTM model?

Their unique difference is that the CTM features an auxiliary circuit that monitors the airflow through the tube, giving a warning signal when the airflow suddenly decreases. Under such circumstances, you have to change the bag. Regarding filter capacities, there’s no variation between the two models. 

Which Festool dust extractor should I buy?

In this case, too, we can suggest models featuring outstanding suction performance and widely researched by professionals around the world. Below are them:

All these products have great power, easy transportability, as well as an incredible capacity. They’re also characterised by advanced technology.

When looking at those different models, customers often wonder about what is the difference between Festool extractors. It mainly refers to the capacity and height. The CT 26 model, for example, has a 26 liter (6.9 gallon) capacity, while the CT 36 can contain up to 36 liter (9.5 gallon).

Furthermore, another frequently asked question is: “What class are Festool dust extractors?” The majority belong to the dust class M, which means "moderately" hazardous. Since these items can remove dust with an occupational exposure limit value above 0.1 mg/m³. They are developed to protect the users against hazardous dust that over time can lead to potential illnesses.

Festool Systainers

Systainers, a particular type of toolboxes, created by the German brand’s sister company Tanos belong to one of the brand's most revolutionary and popular articles. One of the most famous models is the Systainer 3 SYS3, made for organising and transporting small parts efficiently. It features a transparent cover that guarantees an immediate identification of the objects stored. Another item worth mentioning is the CTL SYS dust extractor: a small, lightweight  dust extractor in a Systainer format for an optimal transport. 

What does a Festool Systainer do? 

They’re developed precisely for storing and moving safely precious high-value tools together with their accessories. These robust, shockproof toolboxes allow any tool to be stored in the compactest possible manner, fully protecting it from dust, water splashes and harsh temperatures. The multiple compartments offer a roomy, organised and intelligent solution for tool storage. Thanks to the smart modular structure, different Systainers can be stacked and coupled with each other.  

How do you connect Systainers? It is a quite simple task: place the Systainers on top of each other and lift the front of the upper Systainer slightly. The back of the upper Systainer should move towards the back of the lower Systainer and engage the French cleat system. Turn the latch and you are done.

How long do Festool tools last?

This manufacturer’s tools are conceived to be long lasting. For example, dust extractors have a motor lifespan expectancy of up to 1,200 operating hours, which,  in the opinion of the engineer team, is equivalent to 15-20 years of use.

Given appropriate care and upkeep, all Festool tools can accompany you in your daily activities for many years. Here are some tips on how to maintain your tools fully operational:

  • Use a fine microfiber cloth along with pressurised air to keep the tool clean and well-functioning;
  • Apply some light oil applied every 3-4 to protect them against rust as well as corrosion;
  • Furthermore, it is warmly recommended to check this brand’s tools regularly and replace parts as soon as they begin to show any wear and tear. This can lead to a longer tool life and increase the tool's service interval by many years;
  • Lastly, always remember to store the tools in a dry place to avoid any rust and other weather damage.

Are Festool tools worth it?

The brand's celebrity speaks for itself. Its long-standing experience in tool production, patents and awards won are a clear demonstration of the superiority of its products. Several professionals question why is the brand expensive. This is due to the fact that these tools are manufactured with premium-quality materials, made to last, as well as covered with a lifetime warranty. This is an advantage for professionals and it also gives a noticeable added value. 

It is often asked “Are Festools the best?”. We answer that they are certainly among the best products you could choose for your daily activities. 

Where to buy Festool tools

Festool tools, dust extractors, Systainers and accessories are available online, at retailers worldwide as well as in any. If you prefer to purchase them online, you can do it from their website or use an intermediary, such as Mister Worker™. Browse the vast assortment of Festool tools and accessories on our website and take advantage of our deals and promotions. By choosing our shop, you have the opportunity to order the top-selling products of the brand, with the advantages of outlet prices and immediate delivery. 

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