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Published : 01/12/2024 15:36:18
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DeWalt impact drivers are renowned for their quality, power, and durability. A leader in the power tool industry, DeWalt offers a range of corded, as well as cordless impact drivers that cater to professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

This famous brand boasts an extensive catalog of over 300 power tools, spanning from 12V XR to 18V XR models, and more recently, their 54V Flexvolt line. With such a broad selection, it can be difficult to determine which tools are truly the best.

For this reason, at Mister Worker® we have created this detailed guide to help you choose the best DeWalt impact driver for your projects. We will cover various topics, from factors to consider when choosing the most suitable model to the most popular impact drivers among professionals.

You will find that there is a perfect product for you, depending on your needs, your budget, as well as your requirements for performance and comfort.

How to choose the best DeWalt impact driver

DeWalt impact drivers

First of all, when you want to buy a DeWalt impact driver, you have to understand:

  1. What kind of model do you need, based on your necessities
  2. What aspects do you need to take into account when choosing the tool

Selecting the right DeWalt impact driver involves understanding several technical aspects that directly affect the tool's performance and suitability for specific tasks. Here's an expanded look at these crucial factors:

  • Maximum torque (Nm): Torque is the rotational force of the driver. A higher torque means more power, which is ideal for tightening large screws or working with difficult materials. Choose a higher torque for construction or heavy work, and a lower torque for precision work.
  • RPM/Load Speed: RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) indicates the maximum speed of the driver without any load (e.g. a screw). Under load, the RPM decreases. A higher no-load speed indicates that the tool can maintain higher speeds under load.
  • Brushless motor: Brushless motors have fewer moving parts - reducing maintenance. They also provide greater efficiency, a longer service life, as well as adaptability to variable loads.
  • Impact Rate: A higher impact rate means faster screw driving. This factor is essential for jobs requiring quick, repetitive screw driving.
  • Bolt size: The wider the range of bolt sizes the tool can accommodate, the more versatile it will be. For optimum performance, the range of bolt sizes must correspond to what the tool is to be used for.
  • Product Weight: Lighter tools reduce user fatigue. This element is essential for jobs requiring prolonged tool use. In addition, we recommend you opt for a weight that provides a balance between comfort and power.

By carefully considering these factors, you can choose a DeWalt impact driver that not only meets your specific needs but also offers efficiency, durability, and comfort. Remember, the right tool can significantly enhance your work quality and experience.

Which model of DeWalt impact driver is the best?

There is no simple answer to this question. Depending on the category to which it belongs (whether 18V, 12V or 54V), various types of this brand’s impact drivers are highly performing. In addition, the choice of the best tool depends on the projects on which it is to be used. For example, if you work on materials such as wood, you have to choose a certain type. If, on the other hand, you are working on surfaces such as concrete, you will have to buy another type.

Below you can find an analysis of the best types of screwdrivers from this well-known brand. We have selected them concerning their popularity among professionals.

DeWalt DCF680G2-QW 7.2V Impact Driver

DeWalt DCF680G2-QW Impact Driver

Buy DeWalt DCF680G2

The DeWalt DCF680G2-QW is a groundbreaking impact driver equipped with gyroscopic technology. Powered by two 7.2V Li-Ion battery packs, this tool offers exceptional control through gyroscopic operation and variable speed, allowing precise handling of various applications. With a robust 16-position clutch ring, it ensures accurate depth control, particularly with small screws. This screwdriver also features a state-of-charge gauge for monitoring battery levels and twin LEDs that illuminate the workpiece, making it a versatile and reliable choice.

DeWalt DCF897NT-XJ 3/4 Impact Wrench

DeWalt DCF897NT-XJ Impact Wrench

Buy DeWalt DCF897NT

Designed for intensive clamping applications, the DeWalt DCF897NT-XJ impact wrench boasts an impressive torque of up to 1,625 Nm. With a 3/4'' connection, it ensures maximum resistance when screwing and unscrewing on steel, metal, and wood surfaces. Powered by a new-generation brushless motor, it combines autonomy and reliability. This high-torque impact wrench is a powerhouse for demanding tasks, providing efficiency and durability.

DeWalt DCF850NT-XJ 1/4” 205NM XR Brushless Impact Driver

DeWalt DCF850NT-XJ XR Impact Driver

Buy DeWalt DCF850NT-XJ

The DeWalt DCF850NT-XJ is a compact 3-speed impact wrench that delivers a tightening torque of 205 Nm. It offers a variable speed range of 0-1000-2800-3250 rpm and up to 0-3800 pulses per minute, making it a versatile tool for various applications. With a maximum recommended bolt diameter of M16 and a weight of only 0.9 kg (machine body only), it's a lightweight and efficient choice. This impact wrench is an excellent addition to the 18V XR lineup, providing both power and convenience.

DeWalt DCF899P2-QW - XR 18V-5.0AH XR LI-ION High Torque Driver

DeWalt DCF899P2-QW High Torque Driver

Buy DeWalt DCF899P2-QW

The DeWalt DCF899P2-QW is a high-torque impact wrench equipped with a powerful engine that delivers up to 2400 pulses per minute. With three speed and torque settings, it offers precise control for a wide range of applications. Featuring XR 5.0Ah Li-Ion battery technology, it delivers up to 950 Nm of torque and 2400 impacts per minute for heavy-duty fastening tasks. The 1/2'' (13 mm) square drive with a detent pin ensures efficient torque delivery and excellent socket retention. With a bright white LED, comfortable rubber XR grip, and a TSTAK kitbox for storage and transportation, this wrench combines power and convenience.

DeWalt DCF801D2-QW - 12V XR Brushless Compact Impact Wrench

DeWalt DCF801D2-QW Compact Impact Wrench

Buy DeWalt DCF801D2-QW

The DeWalt DCF801D2-QW is a 12V XR brushless compact impact wrench with a torque of 163 Nm. Its three electronic speeds allow for precision in various applications. With a reduced length of 33 mm, it can work efficiently in confined spaces. The precision drive mode enables the tightening of small screws without damaging the work surface. This model offers 20% more autonomy than its predecessors, making it a reliable choice for a range of tasks.

DeWalt DCF921E2T-QW 18V XR 1/2'' Hog Ring Brushless Impact Driver

DeWalt DCF921E2T-QW Impact Driver

Buy DeWalt DCF921E2T-QW

The DeWalt DCF921E2T-QW is an 18V XR 1/2'' Hog Ring Brushless Compact Impact Driver that packs impressive power into its compact 125 mm length. With a sustained torque of 406 Nm and a peak torque of 610 Nm, it offers both ease of handling and formidable power. Featuring four working modes, including scaffolding, precision wrench, and high-speed settings, it adapts to various tasks. Equipped with an LED light for low-light environments and supplied with 2 XR Lithium POWER STACK batteries, a charger, a belt clip, and a TSTAK case, it's a comprehensive solution for impact driving needs.

DeWalt DCF620D2K-QW Li-Ion Collated Drywall Driver Kit

DeWalt DCF620D2K-QW Drywall Driver Kit

Buy DeWalt DCF620D2K

The DeWalt DCF620D2K-QW is an 18V XR Li-Ion BRUSHLESS Drywall Screwdriver designed for efficient fitting of drywall. With a powerful 4400 rpm brushless motor, it drives screws efficiently while offering maximum runtime in a compact tool. It's one of the lightest and most compact tools on the market, ensuring comfort and accessibility in tight spaces. The quick-release collated screw magazine accepts most collated screws, making board fitting faster. It features tool-free depth control, a collated screw magazine that rotates on the tool for corner work, and an LED worklight for improved visibility. The 2.0Ah High Capacity battery pack, combined with the BRUSHLESS motor, offers extended runtime and compatibility with other 18V XR tools. The trigger lock-on feature enhances user comfort during extended use.

What's the difference between DeWalt Atomic and XR?

In simple terms, the main difference lies in their design and intended use. The Atomic series is designed for compactness and efficiency in tight spaces, whereas the XR line focuses on extended run time and enhanced performance, suitable for more demanding tasks.

What is the difference between DeWalt DCF787 and DCF887?

The DCF787 and DCF887 (both will soon be available on differ primarily in their specifications and features. The DCF787 is a compact impact driver, equipped with a single LED light and able to deliver 1500 in/lb of torque. In contrast, the DCF887 offers higher torque (1825 in/lb) and speed settings. It allows for settings at 1000, 2800, and 3250 RPM. Thus, this latter model is more suitable for heavy-duty applications. Both models utilize brushless technology and can be powered by 20V batteries and share the producer’s commitment to durability and performance but cater to different user needs.


DeWalt impact drivers

Selecting the optimal DeWalt impact driver depends on your requirements and the nature of your projects. It is essential to take into account the aforementioned factors, including the distinguishing characteristics of each model, to make a well-informed decision. The brand, given its excellent reputation on a global scale, guarantees that whatever choice you ultimately make will undoubtedly become an indispensable addition to your professional toolkit.

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