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The long history brand 3M finally arrived on Mister Worker™ with a special selection of products: abrasive discs for cutting, grinding and finishing, sanding belts and sheets. You can refer to the selection in the Mister Worker™ catalogue: a selection curated by our experts to bring the best products to the professionals who need high-performing technology for their operations. Check the cathegories, especially the Special Offer page, to get access to great opportunities.

3M Cubitron II


Nowadays, 3M is a multinational with offices in more than 70 countries, a conglomerate of 65 subsidiaries. The history of 3M begins in 1902, when the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company is born in Two Harbors, Minnesota. The origins were troubled, with adverse fortunes, until the moment when it was decided to start the importation of garnet from Spain and the first patent was registered: named Three-M-ite cloth. Using the Spanish garnet, the quality and sales of the abrasive paper increased. The first moment of experimentation - from which the great path of research and development of the company begun - was in 1914, when a penetration of olive oil in a shipment of garnet. The penetration of oil occurred during the journey across the Atlantic Ocean. The garnet was passed on fire to deprive it of oil and that moment marked a milestone in the company's path: it was the first moment of research and development, a path that brought products and innovations of excellence in the world of abrasives. As example, in 1921 the water-proof abrasive paper was patented, then the masked tape in 1925, and subsequently the Scotch tape.

The growth of 3M continued over the years, expanding into dozens of countries and counting more than 91,000 employees worldwide. Mister Worker™ selected the best abrasives on the market from the 3M catalog, bringing 3M cutting, grinding and finishing discs to the product list, as well as abrasive sheets and belts. In this selection we find the whole 3M quality, in particular the PSG (Precision Shaped Grain): a grain able to give the products a greater cutting power ensuring a uniform surface. For all these reasons, and for many others that we will see in this article, 3M is one of the best brands in the Mister Worker™ catalog and represents a worldwide excellence, not only in terms of abrasives.


The Mister Worker™ experts have selected the best 3M abrasives dividing them into four categories to meet the needs of professionals. Finding the right product is not always easy, so we have chosen only the best products for you according to their use. To facilitate the selection of our customers, here is a summary of the product categories that are best suited to your needs.

3M cutting discs

The cutting phase is fundamental and requires products that match their intervention’s needs. With 3M, the abrasives reached a superior quality represented by the Cubitron™ II products. These products are characterized by the ceramic grain PSG (Precision Shaped Grain): during the use, the triangular peaks repeatedly fracture to shape sharp points and edges that guarantee a high speed and quality cut. Differently than 3M products, the traditional grain of typical abrasives is irregular and tends to dig the metal. Not only: it also generates heat that often results in an alteration of the work object. On the contrary, the 3M Cubitron ™ II products have a clean and efficient cut.

The offer of 3M cutting discs differs based on the materials on which it’s necessary to work. The 3M Cubitron ™ II 987C Fibre Disc, for example, it is especially suitable for working on almost all metals, on stainless steel and other nickel alloys. With a minimum pressure, a high speed and higher quality cut is obtained. The Silver Cut Off Wheels T41 and T42 , on the other hand, is perfect for metal pipes, tubes and flat sheets. Also, thanks to the PSG, the metal is etched rather than excavated, and this means the product has a significantly longer life and a more precise cut. It’s also good to remember that the disc must be used with a cutting tool, which can be purchased separately, and must always be used with the protections.

3M cleaning discs and Scotch Brite™ bristle brushes

For cleaning needs, we can have excellent proposals from 3M, especially with Scotch-Brite™ radial brushes, whose bristles are coated with abrasive and well suited for finishing, polishing and deburring operations. Scotch-Brite™ radial brushes are special products because of the exclusive blend of ceramic abrasive grain, aluminum oxide and molded bristles. A good example is the Shaft Mounted Bristle Disc Scotch Brite™ BB ZS, Type C, which allows to clean even the most irregular surfaces and the most difficult areas to reach. Ideal for cleaning and preparing also shaped surfaces. Another good example is the Scotch Brite™ Spindle Mounted Clean & Strip Disc CG ZS, perfect for removing rust and oxide from stainless steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metals. They aggressively remove paint, rust and coatings, while ensuring safety for professionals.

3M Cubitron ™ II 987C Fibre Disc

3M abrasive discs for grinding

For grinding and finishing, 3M has the ideal products for every professional. A product as Cubitron ™ II 969F is a lamellar disc suitable for grinding and finishing metals. In this case, the PSG is layered on flaps in resistant polyester cloth: as already seen for the cutting discs, also in this case the continuous fracture exposes new abrasive material on each flap, making the cut faster and constant. The product is great for aggressive sanding operations. The result of this abrasive is a smooth and refined surface, while showing excellent characteristics of strength and endurance. Another good point is the ability to handle high pressure applications such as bevelling and slag removal.

High quality and durability are also typical features of the Cubitron™ II Grinding Wheel T27 with depressed center. In this case the Precision Shaped Grain allows a cut with a low heat dispersion, avoiding the alteration of the work object. The depressed center permits grinding from any angle without damaging the surrounding surface. The 3M grinding discs are also rigid resin bonded. They have a thickness of 7 mm and are useful for removing the welds from the internal corners. An important point about safety: the Cubitron™ II Grinding Wheel T27 discs must be used with a protection based on their size. The maximum speed of the deburring discs must be equal to or greater than the maximum speed of the grinder used.

Abrasive sanding belts and sheets

Abrasive sheets and sanding belts are the "heart" of 3M histor: a long tradition and experience that has gone through the whole previous century until today, bringing to us a new standard of excellence. 3M Cubitron ™ II sanding belts are the most suitable solution to use, whether on column machines or cylindrical grinders. The Standard Abrasives™ Surface Conditioning FE Belt saves your time by running the preparation work in one step. Its best applications include deburring and mixing. The product is characterized by the FE material: made of non-woven fiber reinforced with resin, this belt is aggressive but minimizes under-cutting or gouging of the workpiece.

The Scotch Brite™ Surface Conditioning Film Backed Belt SC BF is perfect for cleaning, finishing, masking and deburring applications, ideal for plates or for applications that require a minimal friction. If you are looking for a good finish or you must remove rounded corners, these belts are the solution for you. Lastly, the Sanding Utility Cloth 314D in aluminum oxide should be highlighted for manual interventions on metal, wood and plastic.


In the Mr. Worker™ catalogue you can find 3M special offers suitable for multiple applications: discover them in the product pages or ask for advice from one of our experts. The entire range of products available in the catalogue is shipped within 48 hours and is covered by official 3M warranty. In addition, our customer service is at your disposal for any question or request: write to us from contact form and we will reply as soon as possible.

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