Published : 08/15/2016 10:20:12
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When working on hydraulic systems, it is always of great importance to have a good equipment to be prepared when put in front of emergencies. Here’s a guide to the main tools that might be useful in such cases.

When working on your hydraulic system, you must always be very careful with powertools, considering the high risk of shock. Do not forget the fact that human body is an excellent conductor of electricity. Before proceeding with any kind of maintenance work and plumbing applications, it is therefore a good idea to take precautions, such as procuring some USAG insulated tools.

In addition to insulated screwdrivers and pliers, there is a wide range of tools used in hydraulic works. It is very important to have good equipment to avoid being caught unprepared. These include: USAG pipe bending tools, USAG silicone guns for cartridges, USAG pipe cutters, USAG pipe wrenches.

Pipe Benders and Pipe Bending Pliers

A broadly aknowledged truth is that it is not possible to create a hydraulic system by employing only straight pipes. It is equally not possible to create an excessive number of joints and couplings to follow the strange directions of water pipes in our house: this very simple, yet unquestionable certainty is the reason why plumbers need to have a pipe bender or a bending plier in their equipment. USAG offers a practical bending plier with the shape of a bow for copper tubes from 10 to 22 mm diameter. The tool can bend copper pipes up to 90 degrees. 

Among USAG pipe benders many other models are available: the USAG bender for steel pipes can be purchased in six different models, for up to 180° bending applications.

Just a little piece of advice: remember to always choose a cold bending of your pipes. Heat could remarkedly alter the structure of the material your pipe is made of. 

USAG Silicon gun for cartridges

We now speak of a very flexible instrument, to be employed every time you need to seal or glue something. The USAG silicone gun can be employed also with glue, paste, and any other sealer of consistent density in their respective cartridges. The flow of any of these materials is adjustable. 

USAG Pipe Cutters

The pipe cutter is a tool whose shape resembles that of a horseshoe, and is used to mark and cut pipes of different sizes and materials. The cutter blade affects the entire circumference of the pipe without causing any deformity. The USAG catalog for pipe cutters is provided with specific tools for all materials:  The USAG 317 B pipe cutter, for instance, is designed for PVC, PP, PE, FOR, ABS and HDPE 42 mm pipes and tubes, the USAG 314 F for stainless steel pipes, while the USAG 314 CN model has been specifically designed for copper pipes. 

USAG Pipe wrenches

We are now speaking of tools employed to twist and tighten pipes. Pipe wrenches are developed to be used any time you need to work with precision and obtain a solid structure without delivering too many strength to the workpiece. The special toothing and the usually parallel jaws respond to this need: it should be remembered, that the clamping force increases for simple physical reasons as your tightening task goes on. 

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