Ask the Expert: What are the best professional tool cases?

Published : 11/28/2019 16:25:25
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Simone Guglielmini

Today on the Mister Worker™ Blog we discuss the latest innovations in the field of tool bags and tool cases in an interview with Simone Guglielmini, Sales Manager Italy of GT Line, a leading company in the field of professional tool cases and trolleys.

Simone leads us to discover the wide range of professional suitcases available on the market and he explains what sets GT Line products apart from competitors. GT line cases are in fact unique in the market for their design and resistance.

MW: The tool case and tool bag sector has evolved over time. What are the most important innovations that this product category has seen in recent years?

S.G.: “Tool cases and tool bags have evolved over the years to satisfy the growing needs of professional workers operating in different areas of specialization (e.g. technical, mechanical, electrical and thermo-hydraulic field, industrial and civil interventions on domestic and/or international territory), each with specific necessities.

Nowadays technical tool cases are present across all retail sectors, demonstrating that the needs of professional workers have changed. In fact, each profession requires specific technical and practical aspects, as well as a specific business presentation. That is why we have to combine professionalism, ergonomics and practicality to provide a high added value to end users. A GT line tool case represents a distinctive professional tool both for the professional worker, who recognizes its quality and performance, and his customers, who appreciate his organization and attention to the work.”

GT Line Tool Case

MW: How do GT Line cases fit into this context?

S.G.: “GT line is an Italian company founded 49 years ago, its value proposition is based on three pillars: SOLUTIONS, QUALITY and SERVICE. Over the years it has developed a wide range of tool cases to meet all types of professional needs: solutions with injection molded, rotational and thermoformed tool cases, backpacks and polyester bags, as well as watertight solutions for the Explorer line for specific uses. Thanks to the experience gained in 50 years of activity, the company uses the best production technologies, providing the maximum product reliability. The constant availability of spare parts and the development of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) solutions represent a winning competence on the market.” 

MW: What distinguishes GT Line tool bags and cases from competitors' products?

S.G.: “Tool cases like New Mega Wheels, Rock Turtle Pel, Atomik 215 PelBoxer and the new 52-21 Pel represent “unique” products on the market for capacity, toughness and design. These are products that have been tested over time and GT Line has now established itself in the market as a leading company in the sector.

The presence of TSA locks, self-oiling wheels provided with ball bearing and soft touch two-component non-slip handles, identify a very high-quality product. The image that our commercial brands have developed over time, GT Line as rigid tool cases, Work Line as soft tool cases and the Explorer line for high-performance IP67 cases, is supported by quality values understood as the ability to guarantee high long-term performances. If it is necessary to replace a component, spare parts are always available, thus reassuring customers who will not have to replace the entire suitcase. This is a condition that not all products on the market can guarantee. In fact, the availability of spare parts is an important competitive advantage that has to be supported by an organized industrial system. 

This strategy is implemented thanks to a strong vertical integration that allows GT Line to have both the control on the entire production cycle, checking the quality and the efficiency of the flow, and on the immediate availability of the spare parts for customers." 

MW: The professionals who buy tool bags and tool cases are various and with specific needs: how does GT Line respond to support them?

GT Line Tool Case

S.G.: “In addition to products for specific professionals such as Maintenance Technicians, Electronics, Electricians, Installers, Testers, GT Line is able to create customized products, both in terms of external casing and internal product configuration, sponge panels and special components. OEM solutions are developed in Co-Design with the customer, which is why GT Line represents a reliable partner for professional needs in a B2B market.

The range of technical solutions we offer, defined according to the size of the suitcase, production material, type of production, ergonomics, handling system, number of internal panels and their type, is constantly growing to follow the evolution of the requests of professionals. It is precisely the constant relationship with our customers, based on a Customer Journey that combines both the online and the offline, which leads us to understand their needs. Precise contact points have been defined and we always look for the WOW effect, surprising the customer with something more than he or she expects. Thanks to the high level of satisfaction that the GT has managed to collect over the years, we also acquired many customers through word of mouth.”

MW: What can we expect from this market for the future? What is GT Line doing to respond proactively?

S.G.: “The sector of technical tool cases will be influenced by the digital transformation process, this involves many aspects within the company, starting from the customer experience, operations and talent organizations. The focus for tool cases and tool bags will be on the customer experience, understood as the Internet of Things. With this technology it will be possible to further improve the customer's overall experience with GT line cases, leading to greater engagement. The end user with this technology will be able to know the content of the suitcase at any time, be informed about product upgrades, find suitable spare parts and much more.”

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