Ask the Expert: how to choose the right wrenches?

Published : 01/8/2020 12:55:07
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Ivan Lorenzini

Today on the Mister Worker™ Blog we talk about USAG wrenches with Ivan Lorenzini, Usag Senior Marketing Specialist.

MW: What are the characteristics to consider when buying a wrench?

I.L.: “There are many types of wrenches, from combination wrenches, which are the most used and well-known, to double ended open jaw wrenches, used with combination wrenches, and crow-foot wrenches, which are lesser-known but necessary when you have to reach very narrow and uncomfortable spaces with other wrenches.

Having said that, when we have to purchase a wrench the first thing to consider is what we need the wrench for, while the second thing to consider is the assortment of tools we have to use.

Here are some practical examples:

  • If I have to tighten screws in accessible positions I can use the combination wrenches USAG 285 or the ratchet combination wrenches USAG 285 KA, which make the job easier and faster.
  • If I have to reach screws in uncomfortable positions or in confined spaces, like in a car engine, the T-handle wrenches with jointed socket USAG 276 CE are very comfortable.
  • If I have to tighten bolts with screws and nuts it is essential to use two wrenches, one to screw and one to keep the nut secure. In this case, I can use the combination wrenches USAG 285 or USAG 285 KA to tighten the screw and the double ended open jaw wrench USAG 252 keep the nut secure."

MW: What are the wrenches that every professional worker should have in his or her assortment?

USAG 285 Combination wrenches

I.L.: “Every professional worker should have in his equipment the combination wrenches USAG 285 or USAG 285 KA, which have the ratchet mechanism.

I would like to explain the three main advantages of the combination wrenches USAG 285 KA.

  • The ratchet system allows you to operate nuts and screws at multiple speeds.
  • There is a spring steel ring integrated into the bihexagonal eye, which allows you to keep the wrench in position on the nut during the operation.
  • The open end has an anti-slip system of the nut which guarantees a greater hold during the tightening.”

MW: Are there specific wrenches for different professions?

I.L.: “Yes, there is a tool that we all know and that we have perhaps used when we were children and played mechaninc. The adjustable wrench is essential in the hydraulic sector but also in general mechanics thanks to its versatility.

USAG has two wrench models that have been recently renewed and improved: USAG 294 AD and USAG 294 AG. I would like to explain the advantages of these wrenches.

The wrench 294 AD has a quick adjustment system.
The wrench 294 AG has two functions, it can be used on standard hexagonal nuts and bolts, but by inverting the movable jaw it can be also used to maneuver pipes."

MW: Have there been any innovations in this product category in recent years? If so, which ones?

I.L.: “USAG has introduced many innovations. Combination ratchet wrenches are an example of innovation, in particular the wrench USAG 285 KA, which is one of the so-called Iconic Products (which will be discussed below)."

 USAG wrench 285 KAMW: How does USAG stand out from competing brands?

I.L.: “The brand USAG has a history of over 90 years and has always been recognized by professionals as a high-quality brand.

The Iconic Products are unique on the market and they stand out for their design, functionality and performance. They are TOP of the range and best performing products that can only be found in the USAG catalog. These products, more than others, represent our prestigious brand.

Choosing an Iconic Product means choosing quality and excellence. Those who choose USAG know that they buy an high-quality product."

MW: What are the products that USAG focuses on the most in this product category?

I.L.: “Of course, they are the Iconic Products, which include wrenches but also other products. I would like to present some of these products, illustrating the main features that distinguish them from other tools on the market.

The USAG 285 KA combination ratchet wrench has a spring steel ring integrated into the bihexagonal eye which keeps the wrench perfectly in position on the nut during the tightening operation. The open end has an anti-slip system of the nut which guarantees a greater hold during the tightening. It has a double T section, to ensure maximum resistance to flexion. The ratcheting ring exceeds static torsion tests, reaching a torque of +50% compared to the value required by ISO rules 1711-1

USAG 280 T

The USAG 280 T wrench, with fix bar. It is built with special chrome vanadium steel, which guarantees +30% of resistance to torsion compared to the requirements of ISO 2936 rules. It is a tool that offers maximum safety as when the breaking torque is reached, it deforms without breaking.

The screwdriver USAG 324 has a reinforced chrome-silicon vanadium steel blade for maximum mechanical strength. The tip - with anti-corrosion treatment - has a perfect shape to precisely match the screws.
The handle is tri-material: the external part in polyurethane resistant to oils and chemicals, the body in stress-resistant polyamide and the internal part in high-density polyamide for a perfect coupling with the blade. The soft grip coating guarantees the best comfort and greater torque transmission. Its particular "anti rolling" shape prevents the screwdriver from falling when placed on slightly inclined planes. The colour code handle allows for quick identification of the different shapes.

The USAG 150 AX universal pliers have cutting edges with induction hardening to obtain maximum efficiency when cutting piano wires. They can cut up to 2 mm piano wires with 30% less effort compared to the maximum value stated on the European rules ISO5749 (cutting nippers) and ISO5746 (pliers). The fulcrum is closer to the cutting edges to reduce effort during the cutting operation. The ergonomic bimaterial grip guarantees minimum efforts according to the studies on muscle strain made by the prestigious US Ergonomics Institute.

Finally, the scissors USAG 207 E are the only scissors on the market with an integral stainless steel structure, which gives resistance to flexion up to 180 Kg. They have micro anti-slip toothing, a cable cutter on both blades to cut cables up to 50 mm2, a built-in wire stripper and crimping tool. The bimaterial handle is ergonomic, with shaped slots to ensure maximum comfort to electricians.”

MW: What can we expect from USAG in the future?

I.L.: “That's simple, USAG will always provide professionals with the best hand tools that can be found on the market.”

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