Ask the expert: How to choose a professional high-pressure washer?

Published : 03/17/2020 17:18:12
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Today on the Mister Worker™ Blog we talk about high-pressure washers with Andrea Lenotti, management consultant at Annovi Reverberi and expert that works in this field since 1992.

MW: Which are the main trends in the Cleaning market?


A.L.: Following dynamics common to many other sectors, the Italian Cleaning market is characterized by multichannel distribution. Online sales are growing rapidly, now representing 20% of sales, and they are getting closer every year to the shares of the traditional offline market (45%) and large retailers (35%). 

Globally, the Cleaning market follows a trend similar to the one just described, however, abroad the traditional offline market is more limited, and sales shares are mainly divided between large retailers and online retailers. The strong presence of the traditional market appears to be a peculiarity of Italy, while in countries such as France and Germany, large retailers and online sales are more relevant.

MW: What are the most popular Annovi Reverberi pressure washers?

A.L.: In numerical terms, although the most sought-after products are for domestic use, the world of professional high-pressure washers is still relevant. In this case, sales are around 65-70 thousand pieces for the Italian market, including both cold water high-pressure washers and cold water high-pressure washers. The customer looking for these products is a professional, for example a craftsman or an industry looking for a high quality product.

While high pressure washers of the Home & Garden line are mainly purchased through large retailers or online, high pressure washers of the professional line are mainly bought through the traditional offline market. Nonetheless, a significative share of customers is now turning to specialized online websites.

In Annovi Reverberi catalog, high-pressure washers are classified depending on their location of use. For example, there are classic products, products suitable for unclogging or for removing deeper dirt and high-performance products (500 bar) used for motorway work.

MW: How is Annovi Reverberi positioned within this market?

A.L.: Annovi Reverberi has been an expert in pump manufacturing for over 60 years. Producing both pumps and motors, the heart of the high-pressure washer is born 100% in our factories, for this reason Annovi Reberberi is a very strong partner in the professional world.

MW: What are the main features that are most sought after by professionals when purchasing a pressure washer?

ANNOVI REVERBERI cold water high-pressure washers

A.L.: When choosing a professional high pressure washer, the most important feature to consider is performance, and the most relevant performance index is the maximum water flow rate, which is even more relevant than the operating pressure. Another aspect of primary importance is the rotation speed of the engine, our motors for professional applications run at 1450 rpm. The low rotation speed guarantees less noise and limits the wear of the moving mechanical parts, thus prolonging the longevity of the product. The construction characteristics of the pump are also relevant. Annovi Reverberi pumps are with brass head, ceramic pistons and connecting rod system.

Here are four examples of Annovi Reverberi professional cold water high-pressure washers.

  • Entry level:
    model AR 588 with single-phase induction motor with thermal protection, 3 axial stainless steel pistons wobble-plate pump, maximum flow of 500 lph, 2800 rpm and a power of 2.5 kW.

  • Basic professional level:
    model AR 613K with electric motor with thermal protector, triplex pump with ceramic plungers with connecting rod-system, maximum flow rate of 500 lph, 2800 rpm and a power of 2.5 kW.

  • With petrol engine:
    model AR 1475 motorized Honda, piston pump with connecting rod system, maximum flow rate of 960 lph, 3400 rpm and a power of 8.2 kW.

  • Excellent professional model:
    model AR 1003 with single-phase induction motor with thermal protector, high performance piston pump with connecting-rod system and brass pump head, maximum flow rate of 630 lph, 1450 rpm and a power of 3 kW.

We are growing a lot in petrol engine applications as the demand for cable independence is growing. In this way, a fossil fuel powered machine has the only problem of supplying water. The characteristics of the internal combustion engine allow to reach high powers, up to 13 horsepower, thus guaranteeing pressure above 200 bar and a flow rate higher than 900 lph. However, the use of internal combustion engines is not always applicable and in these cases the request for independence from the electric cable requires the study of alternative solutions. At present, the batteries on the market do not guarantee sufficient power and autonomy for powering high-pressure washers. This is why Annovi Reverberi is currently studying hybrid-powered models.

MW: Has your experience in the professional high pressure washer sector influenced the development of the high pressure washers for domestic use?

A.L.: Professional and hobby sectors are interconnected. Annovi Reverberi's experience in the professional market has allowed the development of innovative solutions for the Home & Garden market. Through patents, some of the concepts just described for professional high-pressure washers have been "miniaturized".

At the same time, the innovations developed in the hobby sector will allow us to introduce innovative features also in professional pressure washers. For example, the DualTech technology developed for the Home & Garden line is at the basis of the DualPower technology, soon available for professional high-pressure washers. While DualTech technology consists of a patented system that allows you to modulate the performance of the pressure washer through the use of 2 motorpumps, with DualPower technology it will be possible to have a double adjustment of the water flow for in the professional line.

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