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When working on an electrical system, it is necessary to have the right work equipment: there are, in fact, many specific tools for electricians, designed and built to allow those working in the electrical engineering field to work in complete safety. Stripping pliers, insulated screwdrivers, testers, tester screwdrivers... are just some examples of what every electrician should have in his toolbox. Today, let's see together what the 10 top tools for electricians are!


Choosing the correct electrician tools can be a delicate task: it is essential to choose only the highest quality and durable tools. Another factor to be considered, maybe the most important one, is making sure you choose electrician tools that are certified IEC 60900: it is a European safety standard that certifies that the tools in question can be used safely to carry out potentially dangerous operations, such as those on electrical circuits. All insulated tools for electricians available on Mister Worker™ comply with European safety standards and are sold with a regular certificate to give you greater safety.

Now, let's list the tools that every professional electrician should always have with him:

  • Insulating gloves
  • Safety shoes with antistatic sole
  • Insulating mat
  • Insulated screwdriver set
  • Tester screwdriver
  • Stripping pliers
  • Digital multimeter
  • Electrician's scissors
  • Insulating tape for electricians
  • Toolbox

These are the 10 essential tools for electricians, those that every professional in the sector needs to be able to do a precise job in complete safety. Let's see them now in detail, with some advice for purchasing directly from our catalog of tools for professionals.


Without a doubt, the first thing to insert in your toolbox is a pair of insulating gloves: these are special gloves that protect your hands from accidental contact with the live parts you are working on. They must be chosen with extreme care, based on the voltage with which they must work, and must comply strictly with the safety standard IEC 60903 and EN 60903. Finally, you must remember to check the level of insulation regularly.

Before being placed on the market, insulating gloves for electricians must pass various tests: an electrical seal test, an aging test and a mechanical test. Once these tests are completed, the gloves are placed in sealed plastic bags, which must be opened for the first use: in fact, their "deadline" is calculated from the opening of the bag. In addition, if the chosen electrician gloves are not specially made to withstand corrosive substances such as paraffin, lubricants and aggressive acids, contact must be avoided.

On Mister Worker™ you can find the BC80 Facom insulating gloves: they are produced with natural latex and classified as AZM, therefore resistant to acid (A), ozone (Z) and with great mechanical resistance (M). They are sold in a practical UV-proof opaque case, weigh only 150g and have a total length of 360mm.

Facom insulated gloves


In the electrical engineering field, as in any other professional jobs, having safety shoes that offer adequate protection in the workplace is very important. In this case, an element that should not be underestimated is the sole: the best shoes for electricians are safety shoes with antistatic soles. These are safety shoes with an electrical resistance ranging from 100 kilo ohm to 100 mega ohms, with a special sole that prevents the passage of electrostatic charges. When you decide to buy a pair of shoes like these, you must make sure that they comply with the EN345 safety standard.


The insulating mat for electricians is also a fundamental part of the work equipment for those working in the electrical engineering field. It is a mat that prevents the passage of electrostatic charges and isolates the user, limiting the risk of electric shock. The top side of the mat is smooth and the bottom one is knurled with non-slip material to prevent the mat from moving accidentally during use.


The insulated screwdrivers are among the most important tools for electricians: cut or cross, they allow you to perform a large number of tasks, including tighten the connections, fix elements to the electrical panel and so on. The peculiarity of these screwdrivers is that they have the handle and the body protected by a sheath of insulating material, while the tip is made of specially treated metal, so that it can be used in the electric field.

All the isolated screwdrivers available in the Mister Worker™ catalog are tested at 10,000 Volt for 10 seconds at the end of the manufacturing cycle: this process allows to place on the market only safe tools, able to withstand even high levels of electrical voltage.


The tester screwdriver is among the most particular hand tools used by electricians. It is a screwdriver with a small LED light integrated into the transparent handle, which lights up when the tip comes into contact with a live element. It is a useful control tool to quickly verify if an element is or is not under voltage, but it can not perform precise and in-depth controls like a tester (also known as a digital multimeter).


Among electrician utensils, another fundamental tool is the stripping plier, useful for removing the protective sheath from cables that are being worked on. This completely removes the external insulation, and the cable can be connected to an outlet.

The Stanley Fatmax® automatic wire stripping plier, which meets and exceeds the ANSI standard, is available for purchase on Mr. Worker™. It is equipped with an automatic mechanism with peel depth adjustment, and the handles are controlled by a spring mechanism. Ensures great precision in the circular cut of the insulator and is suitable for cables with a diameter ranging from 0.2mm to 6mm, but also for crimping insulated and non-insulated cable lugs.

Staley wire stripping pliers


The digital multimeter, also known as a tester, is a tool that allows to measure the intensity of the electric power inside a circuit. It measures voltage, amperage and resistance, making it possible to find the areas in which electricity is present inside a system: using this tool allows you to work more safely and prevents accidents from occurring.

In the Mister Worker™ catalog a wide range of multimeters is available, including the Expert multi-function digital tester. It is a professional tool for electricians and mechanics, that allows the diagnosis of electrical systems to be carried out in a precise and fast manner. It measures the voltage between 0V and 250V, monitors and localizes any short circuits and detects bad contacts. In addition, it is equipped with overload protection and is IEC 61326 certified.

Expert digital multimeter


The scissors for electricians are professional insulated scissors with special plastic sheaths: the stainless steel blades are shorter and thicker than normal scissors, to ensure greater cutting force, and have the function of integrated wire strippers. Electrician's scissors are one of the most important electric tools for electricians: using normal not insulated and not certified scissors could cause serious accidents.

On Mr. Worker™ you can find the very popular USAG 207 E scissors for electricians: it has a full stainless steel structure, resistant to wear and rust, and micro-serrated blades that prevent slippage. On both blades there is a wire cutter, and they have integrated crimping function. The ergonomic bi-material handles makes the use of these scissors comfortable and reduces fatigue.

USAG scissors for electricians


Insulating tapes for electricians are made of PVC covered in plastic, a material that gives it a great flexibility and adherence: these tapes are perfect to be used on electrical systems up to 5000 Volt and useful to cover cables and avoid undesired electric contacts. They adapt easily to all types of surfaces and are resistant to abrasions, chemical products and moisture. They are available in different colors, so that every electrician can immediately recognize all the cables he is working on.


Last, but not least, every electrician should always have a good toolbox with him, to carry along all the equipment he needs, keeping it tidy and safe. You can choose to buy a plastic toolbox with compartments for electrician hand tools and for small parts, or opt for a more spacious solution such as a toolbox, convenient to even carry heavy and large electrical tools.

On Mister Worker™ you can find, among others, the DeWALT T-Stack VI toolbox: it is a modular tool holder with a removable tool box, where you can store the tools by hand, and a large compartment to hold gloves and mat. It is equipped with a convenient two-component ergonomic central handle, which makes transport convenient and simple, and has strong metal closing hinges.

DeWALT modular tools organizer

These are the 10 best tools for electricians, those that all professionals in the electrical engineering industry should have in their own work equipment. If you need advice to choose the best products, if you are looking for specific professional tools for electricians, or if you want to request a personalized quote to update your electrician tools, do not hesitate to contact us: send us an email to [email protected], our experts will answer you as soon as possible!

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