USAG SuperOffer 2019: high quality with high discounts!

Published : 03/11/2019 10:52:38
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USAG is one of the most famous Italian brands of professional tools, marketed worldwide and always been a symbol of high quality. The prices of tools, utensils and accessories USAG are generally higher than average, as high quality and designed primarily for intensive and professional use, in big construction sites, shipyards and industries. For this reason it is essential to focus on the promotions of the brand: the USAG SuperOffer 2019 has arrived, now you can get great tools with exceptional and competitive prices!

Discounted USAG Products: Unbelievable Prices in the SuperOffer 2019

USAG products on offer include tools and accessories of all kinds, from wrenches to pliers up to screwdrivers. But not only tools: also specialized technical clothing, such as work shoes, and tool trolleys, workbenches and worktops, torches for every lighting need, power tools such as drills, batteries and boosters, as the portable starter perfect for the needs of car-repair, and much more. We remind all readers the focus of USAG for automotive, maintenance and MRO operations (Maintenance, Repairing and Operations).

USAG SuperOffer 2019

Among the products on offer in USAG catalogue we can find brand masterpieces, such as T-keys, for exampleT-handle hexagon keys with sliding bar. We also recommend tool sets, preferably in a toolbox, such as the tool trolley with maintenance assortment, consisting of 181 pieces, including socket wrenches, reversible ratchets, bit holders, combination wrenches and roller wrenches, pliers, cutters and screwdrivers, electrician's scissors, and many more. The tool case is very durable, made of aluminium profile with metal reinforcements, and has a lock. It can turn into a trolley with wheels and become comfortable to move around. It is one of the most appreciated products in the USAG catalogue and from today it is on offer with over 30% discount: take advantage as long as the promotion is effective!

Assortments of screwdrivers and insulated pliers, but also pneumatic and lighting on offer

USAG SuperOffer 2019 is extraordinary: the tool assortments are useful and versatile, able to meet the needs of every professional, from electrician to plumber, from site workers to industrial workers. In addition to the tool trolley seen above, we recommend the assortment of pliers 150 AX/SE3: more than 30% discounted, includes one universal plier, one extra long half round nose pliers, and one diagonal cutters. The range of pneumatics and lamps is also exceptional, from the top-of-the-range magnesium pulse screwdriver with LEDs to the LED rechargeable torch. More broadly, the USAG catalogue now features promotions with the SuperOffer 2019 which allow you to buy high quality tools and products with extremely competitive prices: check all discounts on the USAG SuperOffer 2019.

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