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Cold Water High-Pressure Washers by ANNOVI REVERBERI

The Annovi Reverberi cold water high-pressure washers are the best choice for those who need a professional tool to carry out cleaning work that is easy to handle and high performance. In the catalog of Mister Worker™ you can find different models of professional cold water high pressure washers Annovi Reverberi, world famous brand.

Cheaper and smaller in size compared to hot water models, cold water high-pressure washers are practical and comfortable to move, requiring less maintenance than hot water or petrol engines. They remove the dirt in depth by exploiting the mechanical strength of the pressurized water, sufficient to remove most of the impurities from various surfaces: if you need to remove oil-resistant stains from the floors of a workshop, the best and most effective is to combine the power of water with specific detergents.

How to choose a cold water pressure washer? Two fundamental values ​​must always be taken into consideration: maximum pressure and flow. The greater these two values ​​will be, the greater the power of the pressure washer will be: the final choice depends solely on the use to be made of it.

A compact and versatile model of cold water pressure washer, ideal for carrying out numerous cleaning tasks, is the Annovi Reverberi 1001 K high-pressure washer. It is equipped with a two-wheel metal trolley with built-in tank, adjustable pressure, single-phase induction with thermal protection and a practical system to stop the pressure washer at a distance. The detergent tank has a capacity of 3 liters, and the water filter is easily inspectable and washable.

On Mr. Worker™, the online store of professional work equipment, you can find a wide selection of cold water Annovi Reverberi washers, all covered by the manufacturer's official warranty. If you want to request a personalized quote or need advice on the purchase, send an email to [email protected]: our team is ready to help you!