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If you are looking for a single allen key or a set of allen keys, straight or bent, Mister Worker™ has the allen key suitable for every professional need. All produced with first choice materials, the allen keys in our catalog guarantee to carry out even the most intensive work, lasting several years without ever ruining.

The allen wrench is used to tighten or loosen screws and bolts securely and securely. It is usually produced in tempered steel, but there are also several models in cheaper materials with a significantly lower service life. The allen wrench is also called a hexagonal wrench, because it is equipped with a hexagonal section head which can only be used with screws and bolts of the same shape. The allen wrench is a very useful type of key to reach screws and bolts placed in positions difficult to reach with other types of keys: its typical L shape allows to apply a higher torque than a classic screwdriver, and there are plastic handles anti-slip designed specifically to be able to mount on the Allen and make the grip more firm and comfortable.

Buying an allen wrench or a set of allen screws has several advantages. First of all, an economic advantage, because the Allen screw is a manual tool that costs less than a screwdriver, even though it is equally efficient. Another advantage is that, if purchased in good quality and of the correct size, it does not ruin and does not damage the screws and bolts on which it operates: for this reason the Allen wrench is also widely used in aerospace, as well as at an amateur level.

There are various types of allen keys: the most famous is the hexagonal Allen wrench, very popular both at a professional level and at a hobby level. With the passing of the years, the blade wrench and the Phillips-shaped hexagon wrench were also introduced, which then evolved to become Pozidriv cross allen keys (simple cross with four additional cuts that improve its grip). The allen keys with TORX® imprint is also very widespread. It is specific for six-point cross screws: it differs from the normal cross as it allows a safer grip, prevents the Allen screw from slipping and avoids any kind of forcing.

For those who are constantly dealing with screws, nuts and bolts of different shapes and sizes, the best choice is certainly to buy a complete set of allen screws: in the catalog of Mr. Worker™ there are different sets of allen keys, all equipped of a handy support that allows you to keep the allen screws in order even inside your toolbox.