Buying high quality adhesive tapes or velcro makes your work environment safer, so Mister Worker™ offers different types of products that are useful for different needs. In the catalog there are also mosquito nets and draft excluders, to protect your home in every season.

In the catalog of Mister Worker™ there is a wide selection of professional adhesive tapes: anti-slip tape, double-sided tape, adhesive tape in aluminum, masking tape, cloth tape ... all with TESA brand, guarantee of quality and resistance. However, in our catalog there are not only adhesive tapes, but also mosquito nets and drafts: a range of products to make both the work space and your home safe.

The first transparent TESA adhesive tape was born in Germany at the beginning of the 1930s, and since then the company has not stopped anymore: to date, in fact, it produces more than 6500 different types of adhesive tapes, designed for those working in electric field, hydraulic, automotive, but also medical, up to the products for those who work in the office. A wide range of adhesive products, to meet the professional needs of everyone.

The biggest bestsellers in our catalog are undoubtedly the insulating adhesive tapes, mainly used by electricians. The insulating tape is used to isolate electrical cables in places where there is a passage of electric voltage, but also to cover uncovered wire parts without having to necessarily change the whole outer sheath, or to join different electrical wires inside the junction boxes. It is a practical and safe professional adhesive tape, available in different colors, useful for distinguishing different types of electric cables. The cloth tape is widely used in all those situations where the use of a strong, resistant and flexible adhesive is required, because it is reinforced with a special type of fabric and is waterproof thanks to a polyethylene coating. It is usually used by lighting technicians on television or movie sets, but also to safely seal the heating and ventilation ducts.

The assortment of adhesive tapes and other TESA-branded products on the Mister Worker™ is wide and varied, to meet any need.