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Insulated pliers and nippers are among the most important electrician hand tools: produced with special materials, they allow to work in complete safety even on live plants. In the Mister Worker™ catalog you will find numerous electrician and insulated nippers, all available for immediate delivery.

On Mr. Worker™ there are different models of insulated pliers and nippers, all individually tested at 10,000 volts for 10 seconds at the end of the production cycle, and then placed on the market with a regular safety certificate. These are pliers with ergonomic non-slip sheaths in tri-insulated material and steel body alloyed with chrome vanadium molybdenum. They are designed to achieve maximum results with minimum effort: in fact, they have an important lever arm and the axis moved. Furthermore, the cutting edges are designed to cut quickly and easily all types of wires, such as harmonic wire, soft wire, threads produced with modern materials, and so on.

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