WIHA 1000V VDE insulated tools

Wiha: the market leader in the production of Insulated Tools VDE 1000V

All Wiha tools are designed with the end-user in mind. Therefore, it is a primary concern for the brand to provide practical, resistant, and safe tools for any professional. Wiha insulated range of tools is perfect for mechanics, electricians, and electronics technicians who work with electricity daily. Wiha insulated tools are specifically assembled to satisfy different requirements and consistently to guarantee safe working. 

Wiha VDE insulated tools have won several international awards, and they are all individually tested at 10,000 V AC and approved for 1000 V AC, certified to work with high voltage electricity. Discover the complete range of Wiha insulated tools: Insulated Allen Keys, insulated Bits, insulated E-Screwdriver Electric Speede®, insulated Pliers, Diagonal Cutters and Wire Strippers, insulated Saws, insulated Screwdrivers, insulated Screwdrivers with Bit Holders, insulated Tool Sets, insulated Torque Screwdrivers and Accessories, Wrenches and Ratchets and Accessories For 1000v VDE Insulated Tools. 

Discover the Best Selling Screwdriver: Wiha Electric screwdriver SpeedE®

Not only Wiha SpeedE® E-screwdriver is one of the most innovative and bought tools in the wide range of Wiha Catalog, but also it is revolutionizing the entire screwdriver market. 

Wiha SpeedE marks a new generation of tools that make professionals’ work easier and more efficient. The material protection feature differentiates SpeedE® from other screwdrivers for electricians: at 0.4 Nm, the electrical assistance stops automatically, letting the user complete the tightening work carefully by hand. As a VDE-certified hand tool, the speedE® guarantees electricians complete protection in any situation. 

Discover the new model E-Screwdrivers SpeedE®II - 44318. It has two power levels, 0.4 Nm and 1.0 Nm, opening up a new application bandwidth. The integrated material protection function ensures safety at both power levels. The new model is fast, solid, and versatile. In addition, it comes with a protection function that ensures safety at both power levels. The additional power level of 1,0 Nm makes the E-screwdriver Wiha SpeedE 2 perfect for tasks requiring more significant force, and it allows professionals to finish the task 3 times quicker than with regular screwdrivers.