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USAG spanners are essential tools to have in your toolbox: whether you are a plumber or a mechanic, in the catalog of Mister Worker™ you will find the USAG manoeuvring keys which best suite your professional needs.

Always having a complete set of manoeuvring wrenches means to always be ready to work on different types of nuts and bolts, whatever the working situation to be faced. On Mr. Worker™, various USAG spanners are available: open-ended wrenches, pipe wrenches, roller wrenches, sector wrenches, pipe wrenches ... and the famous USAG T-wrenches.

Very useful in every situation is the set of 8 USAG 252 N / SR8 double ended open jaws wrenches: it is a practical set of 15° inclined fork wrenches, supplied with a plastic support to keep them always tidy. These keys have an extremely precise grip, which guarantees a fast and clean work on different types of nuts and bolts; they are made of chrome vanadium steel with a chrome finish, which makes them very resistant to wear and makes them work tools that last over time.

This is just one example of the USAG spanners that you can find in the Mister Worker™ catalog, the online store of work equipment for professionals. If you want more information about the hand tools on our site, or you need assistance with your purchase, send us an email to [email protected]!