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Van /Truck Storage by USAG

Do you want to set up your work van to create a real mobile workshop? Discover the USAG Matrix modular components now and start setting up your workshop on wheels. In the Mister Worker™ catalog you will find everything you need to work on the go!

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Van /Truck Storage USAG

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Many professionals often find themselves having to move from one place to another to carry out a long series of jobs, but why not optimize the time and work even while on the road? With the modular USAG Matrix van components you can turn your work van into a real wheeled workshop.

In the catalog of Mister Worker™, numerous modular components for van are available ready for delivery: flat, paneling, shelving, drawer units, cabinets ... up to the accessories for drawers and perforated panels for tools. The important thing is to choose with the utmost care the components to be included in your van: to be able to set it up and travel complete safety, you must always keep in mind how much weight the load compartment bears. All the components are available in different sizes, to adapt to the model of your van: if you are not sure which one is right for you, contact us and we will help you in your choice.

On Mr. Worker™ you will find a wide selection of components to set up the van. If you have already decided which Matrix modular components you want to buy, but you are not yet completely convinced about the purchase, send us an email to [email protected]: we will try to meet your needs by preparing a personalized quote!