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Are you looking for the a professional assortment of tools? On Mister Worker™ you will find assortments for cars, electrical engineering, plumbing, maintenance and much more.

Buying a complete assortment of tools means to be on the safe side and save money: all USAG hand tools sets consist of the highest quality equipment, made from premium materials. Furthermore, each assortment is assembled to guarantee maximum completeness for every type of professional.

In the Mr. Worker™ catalog there are many types of assortments available: from the range of hydraulics to the heavy-duty range, from the electronic and maintenance assortment, each set consists of a complete set of specific and highly specific hand tools. professional.

Works in the automotive field? Here you can find durable metal toolboxes already complete with all the professional tools and tools you need. Not to mention the strong piece for those who work in a mechanical workshop: the USAG Auto 495 A1 roller cabinet, a guarantee of safety and practicality, in this complete version of 83 specific manual tools to work on cars.

Are you a plumber and you need to renew your equipment? Mister Worker™ offers you the opportunity to purchase a complete USAG hydraulic assortment, available in two versions: 25 pieces or 51 pieces, according to your professional needs.

Whatever your profession, from Mr. Worker™ you can find the USAG professional tool assortment best suited to you: each tool passes a series of safety checks before being put on sale, to guarantee the highest quality and durability over time.