USAG - 454 S7 - Set of 7 pullers (454/0÷6)

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Set of 7 pullers (454/0÷6)? USAG professional tools Supplied with sheet steel display stand? Model with sliding jaws Bar with tightening hexagon Jaws with small claws Carbon...
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$ 1026.70
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U04540100 EAN: 8010239246096

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$ 1026.70
  • Set of 7 pullers (454/0÷6)?
  • USAG professional tools
  • Supplied with sheet steel display stand?
    • Model with sliding jaws
    • Bar with tightening hexagon
    • Jaws with small claws
    • Carbon steel pressure screw
    • Chrome Vanadium steel
    • Chrome plated and burnished finish
    • 1 model available
    • Weight 21 Kg

Why Should You Buy the Usag U04540100 Set of 7 Pullers for Your Most Demanding Pulling Jobs?

Pullers, also known as external pullers, bearing pullers, or mechanical extractors, are simple, highly advanced mechanical devices designed for removing gears, wheel hubs, bearings, and other hard-to-remove parts. These extractors are particularly used for a large variety of mechanical and automotive applications, such as removing heavy machinery parts, tightly fitted components, and pulling off automotive gears and bearings. These advanced tools are engineered with premium-grade chrome vanadium steel, high-performance screws, bolts, long-lasting jaws, and convenient handles, making it possible for you to remove hard-to-remove components and parts from shafts efficiently and effortlessly. Whether you need to remove heavy parts, tightly fitted components, or even remove automotive gears and bearings, when you choose the Usag 454 S7 Set of 7 Pullers, you can rest assured that you can get the job done in less time with maximum productivity.

Thanks to the high-efficient carbon steel pressure screws of this custom-made Usag U04540100 Pullers Set, offering you greater tensile strength and higher load-bearing capacity. This Usag Pullers Set comes with a perfect model with efficient sliding jaws, a high-quality bar with a tightening hexagon, and perfect jaws with small claws, allowing you for the safe and effortless removal of heavy machinery parts, hard to remove components and many other automotive parts. This unique Usag 454 S7 Pullers Set also features chrome-plated and burnished finish mechanical pullers, making it particularly suitable for professionals looking for increased hardness, a longer durability of the surface, and ultimate prevention of corrosion.


  • Weight Kg: 21

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