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Measuring and tracking accurately is essential when doing professional jobs. In the catalog of Mister Worker™ you can find the complete catalog of USAG tools for measuring and tracking, which guarantee to make precise measurements.

Spirit level, gauge, thickness gauge, flexometer, folding meter, digital caliper ... on Mister Worker™ there are numerous specific USAG tools for measuring, each specific for specific professional needs. We move from levels, useful to make a series of holes at the same height on a wall, to the flexometers, practical and compact measuring instruments present in almost all homes and workshops.

One of the most accurate measuring instruments in the catalog of Mr. Worker™ is the centesimal USAG 960 D digital caliber: it is equipped with maximum precision and can also measure the depth by means of a round rod with a diameter of 1.5mm; It has a locking system by means of a screw, to fix the measurement and to prevent it from being lost, and can be used to make measurements both indoors and outdoors. It is the updated version of the most classic USAG 960 centesimal caliber, made of hardened stainless steel and fitted with raised sliding guides.

If you need to make precise measurements and are looking for professional and quality work equipment, rely on USAG's Made in Italy. For any doubt or advice, contact us at [email protected]: our experts will know how to help you and will have the right advice to give you to choose the tools and professional tools best suited to your needs!