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Hammers and chisels are very popular and widespread work tools, because they are used for a great variety of different jobs. In the Mister Worker™ catalog, numerous USAG hammers, chisels and mallets are available, carefully selected to offer maximum performance in the field.

Are you looking for a professional hammer or a quality mallet? Mister Worker™ is the place for you! We have available and ready for delivery the complete USAG 2018 catalog, with a great variety of tools and work tools: mallets, hammers, chisels, disarming levers and much more. Each individual tool is manufactured from high quality materials and subjected to strict safety tests, as well as being covered by official USAG warranty.

The USAG 376 mallet is a great example of a professional tool with an excellent quality / price ratio. Similar to a hammer, it has an interchangeable head made of soft plastic, a carbon steel body and an ash handle: it is the perfect tool when you have to beat and work components that can not be damaged, because it gives a decisive blow but at the same time delicate. It is available in six different models, with the head ranging from 22mm to 60mm.

On Mr. Worker™ you will find this and other professional and high quality USAG work tools. If you need advice on the purchase or you are undecided about which tool to buy, send us an email to [email protected]: our customer service will be happy to help you!