On Mister Worker® you can find a wide range of USAG cutting tools, including knives, scissors, hacksaws and bolt cutters. In addition, in this section you will also filing and drilling equipment: spatulas, files, burrs, scrapers and much more!

It is always important for every professional to have in his toolbox a series of effective cutting tools and specific tools for filing and drilling: scissors, files and drills assortments are essential to carry out their work in an extremely precise way.

USAG Scissors and Knives: Discover Mister Worker® Exclusive Offers!

To perform the most common cutting operations, rely on Mister Worker®’s catalogue of USAG knives with retractable blade, with sector blade and cutters. For example, one of our recommendations is the best-selling USAG 221 B: this safety knife with retractable blade is compact, easy to carry around and it can cut different kinds of materials.

When it comes to scissors, USAG is the way to go: one of the most appreciated USAG scissors that professionals buy over and over again is the USAG 207 E  professional scissors for electricians. These scissors have an internal structure in stainless steel and a blade with micro antislip toothing: thanks to these two features, with this high-quality professional tool you will be able to cut different types of material, also thanks to their built-in wire stripper. Buy the USAG 207 E scissors with a 35% discount on the list price on Mister Worker®! Browse this category to find other great multipurpose scissors and scissors for electricians, as well as knives and cutters for all the most common cutting operations.
Among the cutting tools you can also find bolt cutters and shears, such as the shears for steel sheet USAG 204: this tool has wide straight blades and it is particularly useful for those who often need to cut high-resistance metal sheets.

USAG Filing and Drilling Tools: Tap Wrenches, Files, Assortments of Drills and Much More!

Whether you are looking for a tap wrench, a file or assortments of tips, on Mister Worker® you will find the right professional tool for your needs. If you are interested in USAG cutting and filing tools and you are planning to buy large quantities, contact us! We offer technical assistance and personalized quotes. Moreover, all USAG products purchased on our website are covered by the official manufacturer's warranty and their rapid delivery is guaranteed by our collaboration with the best international couriers.