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Clamps and vices by USAG

Do you need to buy lifting straps and ropes? Are you looking for a new vise or professional clamps? In the Mister Worker™ catalog you can find what you are looking for: bench clamps, bar clamps, lifting straps... all signed USAG and 100% Made in Italy.

USAG lifting ropes are very useful tools especially in the construction field, because they allow you to move very heavy objects without too much effort. They must be chosen carefully based on the weight to be lifted, and the material with which they are made must also be taken into consideration, a load-bearing element that guarantees their safety and reliability. In the catalog of Mister Worker™ there are three models available, each with unique characteristics and ideal for a specific purpose.

Then there are various models of USAG clamps, basic work tools especially for carpenters: they are used to hold the pieces in place during processing, to prevent them from moving and ruining the final result. On Mr. Worker™ you can find, among others, the parallel bench clamp USAG 498 B: it is a professional tool with high strength, entirely in forged stainless steel, with jaws and body in one piece. In addition, it has a double rectified guide with screws for adjusting the parallelism of the jaws, and the rear jaw has a hammered anvil plane.

On Mister Worker™ you can find professional clamps and clamps, straps and lifting ropes, all guaranteed by USAG. You will immediately recognize the high quality of Made in Italy, and if you have problems with your order just write us at [email protected]: our customer service will help you better.