Working in a car workshop or in a mechanical workshop also means having to equip instruments of a certain type. At Mister Worker® you can find the best, highly professional USAG car workshop equipment.

In our catalog a wide range of USAG auto repair equipment is available: belts, pliers, pullers, tie rods and much more... all the essential for those who work in a car workshop.

The highlight in this category is definitely the USAG car booster, a handy portable 12V starter useful to have always at hand in the workshop, but also practical to keep in the trunk of your car in case of emergency. Equipped with a 12 Volt battery, it has an energy supply capacity of 2250 A and is very easy to use: just apply the clamps to the battery of the discharged car and operate it to restore its life.

Very useful to have in your mechanical workshop is also a tester for USAG batteries, which allows you to measure in a few minutes the charge level of a battery between 6V and 12V up to 200Ah, whether mounted on a car or still sealed in warehouse. It is also able to control the efficiency of the starter and starter motor, without damaging the electronic control unit.

In the Mr. Worker® catalog there are also many other specific tools for car repair shops: suspensions, sheet metal tools, cooling systems, wheels, hubs, brakes and so on. If you need to renew your car workshop and you need a complete equipment at a good price, contact us by email at [email protected]: our experts will make you have a personalized quote to meet your needs.