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Torque wrenches, torque screwdrivers, control and calibration benches... on Mister Worker™ you can find a wide assortment of torque control tools, full of professional tools to satisfy every type of professional need.

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In dynamometry, an indispensable manual tool is definitely the torque wrench. This is a special tool with which it is possible to set the clamping value and to recognize when we have reached the set tightening torque: this allows not to force and ruin the materials that need to be tightened, but also not to tighten too much or too little. Although the function of a dynamometric wrench is always the same, various dimensions are available with different scales of values: according to what is the use of the dynamometric wrench, often the materials with which it is produced are also changed. The most common models are the sliding torque wrench, the dismounting torque wrench and the torque wrench. The disengaging torque wrenches are equipped with a removable reversible ratchet and are also available in assortments in sheet metal boxes for mechanics and workshops.

The force multiplier is also very common in dynamometry, a professional tool designed to screw and unscrew the nuts of all types of wheels, including drive wheels and twin wheels, ideal for industrial and agricultural vehicles. The torque multiplier is a dynamometric manual tool designed and produced for mechanics, car repairers and workshops. There are also torque angle adapters, which allow torque and angle tightening with digital precision even using traditional tools.

In the Mister Worker™ catalog, various models of torque screwdrivers are also available. These hand tools arise from the need to make a specific force when tightening or unscrewing bolts need to be tightened: they have exceptional precision in calculating the force needed to carry out the work and are very resistant. Moreover, their ease of use makes them suitable even for professionals who perform similar jobs for the first time: the important thing is not to mistake the tightening torque during use. Torque screwdrivers are available both individually and in practical assortments in boxes, where you can find numerous inserts suitable for multiple uses.

When approaching torque control tools for the first time, or when you decide to change equipment in your workshop, it is very important to choose high quality, user-friendly manual tools. A torque wrench and a quality torque screwdriver last a long time, enrich the workstation and allow precise work.