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Mister Worker™ is the online store for professionals, with more than 150,000 top quality work tools and utensils of the best brands. Professionals and maintenance managers from many different industries, workshops and factories have been choosing us for years, because on Mister Worker™ you can find widest online catalog with the best tool brands. We guarantee rapid delivery of orders all over the world.

Mister Worker™ provides a complete choice of professional tools for garages, electro-technical workshops, plumbers, carpenters, blacksmiths, craftsmen, maintenance workers, mechanics, tire dealers, electricians and other professionals. Moreover, Mister Worker™ is certified by the European Ecommerce Trustmark, it won the award for Best B2B e-commerce at the Netcomm Award 2018 and the first prize in the Digital Export category at the Netcomm Award 2019.

Professional work tools MRO – Maintenance, Repair and Operations

With a catalog of more than 150,000 tools and accessories, Mister Worker™ supplies specialized products for MRO (meaning Maintenance, Repair and Operations or Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul). This term describes all operation carried out in the context of production processes, which require continuous maintenance to ensure competitive timing, reliability and proper functioning. Generally, we talk about MRO in relation to the manufacturing industry, with interventions on mechanical, electrical and hydraulic instruments to prevent failures and possible problems.

MRO interventions are actions performed with the aim of maintaining (or restoring) an instrumentation in the state in which it can comply with the required function. Typical in MRO maintenance and repair operations, products of many categories are used, from abrasives to consumables, from hand tools to power tools, from pneumatic tools to tapes.

Not only do we offer a wide range of traditional hand tools such as standard wrenches, ratchets and sockets, but also work tools for specific professionals: plumbers, electricians and car repair workers. Moreover, Mister Worker™ supplies the right tools for specific industries, such as manual tools for aerospace (aviation) and non-sparking tools for Oil and Gas. For more information regarding the assortment of tools available on Mister Worker™, you should check out our YouTube channel, where you can learn more about some of our best seller work tools. 

Mister Worker™ also supplies cleaning and sanitizing equipment for indoor and outdoor work environments such as pressure sprayers and hot water high pressure washers. These tools are vital to clean, sanitize and disinfect your home and workplace during the Coronavirus emergency, in compliance with COVID-19 guidelines. At Mister Worker™ we have taken all the necessary measures to guarantee maximum safety in all aspects of our operations: we have extended our network of suppliers and couriers and we have defined really strict cleaning protocols with the goal to protect all our suppliers, co-workers and clients.

Mister Worker™: high quality work tools

Assortment, convenience and professionalism are the main reasons for making Mister Worker® the ideal online shop for work equipment and tools, the proper partner for all professionals. Are you looking for wrenches, workshop tools or toolboxes? Do you urgently need screwdrivers, hand tools or power tools? Do you need cabinets or tool racks to place orders in your warehouse? Seeking ladders, work trolleys or scaffolding? Do you want to try reliable and high-performance professional adhesive tapes? Whatever your demand, on Mister Worker™ you can find the complete offer for your professional needs!

Our experts and technical consultants provide complete support by preparing customized quotes and matching the needs of each customer. Furthermore, you can choose from a wide range of payment methods: Transfer, Sofort Transfer, Credit Card and PayPal. Mister Worker™ ensures the most suitable solution for any purchase need.

International suppliers for professional work tools and MRO

Discover on Mister Worker™ the best brands for maintenance and repair operations, with a large selection of high quality tools for professionals. More than 150,000 products and complete brand catalogues are available in our single-brand stores, at your fingertips and in 24/48 hours delivery. All products are accompanied by a detailed technical data sheet, with video tutorials, and reviews. Moreover, we have created a section of our blog whose goal is to provide you with useful technical advice to make the best out of your professional work tools and help you chose them. 

Make sure to have a look at the Mister Worker™ Promo: take this amazing opportunity to purchase high-quality tools by the best brands such as Facom and Stahlwille at discounted prices compared to the list price! Our special offers are constantly updated, in order to give you a wide choice of work tools to choose from with up to 70% off!
In the last years we have extended constantly the brands available on our website, below you can find an overview of the brands in our catalogue:

  • 3M: the best abrasive discs, belts and sheets with proprietary technologies Cubitron™, Hookit™ and Scotch-Brite™.
  • Ampco Safety Tools: well known brand for its great non-sparking hand tools produced with aluminium-bronze and beryllium-copper alloys, perfect to work in ATEX zones with risk of explosion.
  • Annovi Reverberi: top quality high-pressure cleaners, 100% Made in Italy. These professional cleaners are perfect in every detail and equipped with a high power, in order to clean properly even large industrial spaces. The complete Annovi Reverberi’s Blue Clean line of products is available on Mister Worker™.
  • DeWalt: this American brand is well known by professionals all around the world, and on Mister Worker™ you can find the full range of professional products. DeWalt equipment is recommended for construction and manual labour, the power tools for carpenters and metalworkers, but also for tilers, installers and plasterers.
  • Expert: brand known worldwide for the quality and reliability of hand tools. Workshop equipment, pneumatic tools, electrotechnical tools, professional tools for electricians, measuring and tracing tools and many more, with numerous special offers you can't miss.
  • Explorer Cases: specialists in the production of toolbags and waterproof cases for industrial, medical, military applications and much more!
  • FACOM: high quality hand tools, produced by this notable French brand, with a century of experience, able to cover a wide range of application areas, from aerospace to automotive and car repair. Ideal tools for repair and maintenance in the workshop or in your own laboratory, chosen by a consistent number of professionals.
  • Flir: check out Flir’s great thermal cameras, also available for smartphones, used in the field of maintenance to detect problems through using a thermal imaging system. 
  • Gierre: the complete catalogue of ladders and scaffoldings. High quality lifting systems designed and built according to ministerial standards, ideal for different categories of workers: from telescopic stairs for gardeners and painters, to extension stairs for installers, up to staircases for warehouse workers. Discover also Hailo waste from the Gierre catalogue.
  • GT Line: professional bags and toolcases, specifically designed for professionals to store their tools safely and allow them to carry them around easily.
  • Knipex: a range of more than 1000 pliers, diagonal cutters and nippers characterized by high-quality, resistance and reliability, perfect for professionals in every sector.
  • Kukko: reliable brand specialized in the production of internal and external extractors and pullers for bearing removal and fitting. 
  • LENOX: systems for sawing, drilling and cutting, step drill bits and saw blades for reciprocating saws and jigsaws, as well as holesaws and diamond discs. Great choice for cutting operations.
  • Meclube: specialist in lubrication systems and equipment for the distribution of oil and grease, is a young and dynamic company with high standards, distributed in the whole world.
  • Metrica: a comprehensive catalogue of professional measuring tools including angled gauges, instruments for length measuring, levels and other laser tools. 
  • Stahlwille: important German brand with a long history in the production of hand tools. Also, Stahlwille is a leader in the dynamometry industry: torque control tools are used in many areas, including aerospace.
  • Stanley: always focused on quality, safety and usability of each use, the Discovery Team of Stanley is constantly looking for the best solutions. The FATMAX™ line is ideal for the best work performance.
  • Stella Welding Alloys: brand known at an international level for its brazing and welding operations. 
  • Tellure Rota: wheels and cart castors for all applications, for example industrial, domestic or furniture use.
  • Terry: all cabinets, shelves, drawers, tool holders and tool boxes are included in the catalogue. Equipped with an attractive design and a high-quality standard, typical of Made in Italy, Terry systems for storage management are perfect containers for workshops, warehouses, stores, garages or gardens.
  • Tesa: European leader in the market of professional adhesive tapes and ideal for all fixing needs in the context of maintenance and DIY. Tesa has tapes for painters and finishers, insulating tapes for electricians, tapes for packaging, but also self-adhesive systems for any need at work as well as in the home.
  • Tesa Technology: precision measuring systems including calipers, dial gauges, internal and external micrometers. 
  • USAG: hand tools, equipment for garages and automotive, tools for mechanics, tire dealers and electricians, equipment for plumbers, thermo-hydraulic and maintenance workers.

Customer Service available for your needs

Mister Worker™ has been providing a tailor-made customer service that supports professionals in each phase, from commercial to technical questions. Our customer care service has been awarded by Panorama magazine as one of the best. The assistance service also elaborates customized quotes and tailored estimates with advantageous discounts. The best way to contact us is through the form in the contact page.

Shipping anywhere in the world

Mister Worker™’s slogan is "We ship everything, everywhere", because we use the best carriers for a fast and safe service, managing to ship bulky pallets anywhere in the world. Our couriers cover the entire world, from the United States to China, from Europe to Indonesia. The goal of Mister Worker™ is to ensure the best and fastest shipping service: all orders are shipped in a maximum of 2 working days and delivered in the shortest time. In addition, every product on our e-Commerce is protected by the official warranty of the supplier to guarantee safety to your purchases.

The advantages and guarantees of Mister Worker™

If you are the purchasing manager of a big company, seeking for an innovative and cost-effective solution of work tools supply for industrial maintenance, Mister Worker™ offers Framework Agreements with discount formulas, payment terms and other services negotiated based on your request. You can shop comfortably from the reserved area of our online store and independently manage orders and shipments all around the world.

All work tools in the online catalogs of Mister Worker™ meet our high quality standards and are protected by the official manufacturer's warranty. 

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