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Shoe Storage by TERRY

Terry shoe racks are the ideal solution for all shoe lovers who need to keep them always tidy, divided by season or model. In the Mister Worker™ catalog various models of various colours are available, to meet everyone's tastes.

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Shoe Storage TERRY

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It often happens that you do not know how to choose a shoe rack, submerged by the various models available on the market, but with the Terry shoe racks it becomes easy to decide. They are all very light but strong plastic, available in many colours and with a very small footprint: ideal even for those with little space at home, they are also available in single and modular modules, to create your own personalised shoe rack adapting it to the available space .

All Terry shoe racks have a perforated backdrop, a fundamental element to keep in mind when choosing a shoe rack: it allows a perfect air recirculation inside, making it more hygienic and avoiding the formation of humidity inside the compartments. In addition, they have all adjustable and removable shelves, in order to adapt to all models of shoes, from sneakers to décolleté with heels.

Even if the Terry shoe racks are modular and modular, it is always important to take the measurements carefully before buying in a hasty way. A shoe rack must fit perfectly into the space provided, and above all the space to manoeuver when opening the drawers must be taken into consideration: often we forget about this detail, and we find ourselves with a shoe rack of the right dimensions, but without having space to open drawers easily.