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Shelving Units by TERRY

One of Terry's most popular product categories is undoubtedly the one of shelving systems, which are perfect to organize your garage, workshop or even balconies and terraces. On Mister Worker™ you can buy online modular shelving systems, solid or ventilated shelving units made of resin or plastic, well known for being particularly stable and durable.

Buy Now Terry Storage Outdoor Shelves and Plastic Shelving Units online on Mister Worker™!

Terry shelving units are perfect in particular for those of you that need a place to store objects of different sizes and weights to keep them in order but at the same time always within easy reach. In garages, gardens or workshops, tools and other objects are often stacked in a corner: an excellent solution to this problem is to put all of these objects in a Terry shelf. Using Terry's Combo shelving units and shelving units with ventilated or solid shelves, means making the most out of the space at your disposal with extremely resistant and spacious shelves that will allow you to keep your tools always tidy and ready to be used.

Choose from a large selection of Terry shelves made of resin or plastic, easily washable materials and, at the same time, really resistant. All shelves are modular and they can be attached to each other to create bigger shelving systems that perfectly fit the space at your disposal and they’re suitable both for indoor and outdoor environments.
Among the best-selling Terry shelving units available on our site for worldwide shipment, we point out the 1001895 resin modular outdoor shelving unit. Thanks to its 5 robust shelves you can store large quantities of objects, even heavy power tools: each shelf has a maximum load capacity of 45 kg. In addition, these shelf unit can be placed in the garage or workshop, easily and safely attached to the wall. Finally, this product is equipped with adjustable feet to ensure maximum stability even on uneven floors.

The Mister Worker™ catalogue also includes Terry’s ventilated shelving units: the shelves of the 1000955 perforated shelving unit, in fact, are made of highly resistant plastic and they’re perforated, so that the air can circulate freely, preventing the creation of moisture and mold.
Finally, Terry offers a range of combo shelving units that can be set up both vertically and horizontally, depending on your specific storage needs. An example is the 1002694 combination shelf made of scratch-resistant resin, a modular shelf unit with 2 assembling options: 5 vertical shelves or 3+2 shelves.