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Plastic Chests by TERRY

If you work with a large number of hand tools and power tools, it is always very useful to have a safe place to store them at the end of the day. On Mister Worker™ you can find Terry trunks, perfect for keeping your work equipment away from dust and moisture.

Plastic Chests TERRY

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If you choose to buy a Terry tool box you will realize its usefulness and versatility: it will immediately become your faithful ally at work, because it allows you to keep your work tools safe and tidy. Terry trunks are made of high quality hard plastic, resistant to impact and scratch, as well as being anti-humidity; in addition, the lid prevents dust from entering.

In the catalog of Mr. Worker™ there are various formats of trunks for tools, to be chosen according to what must be stored. The Terry Storage 97 H gray and taupe chest is very popular among our customers: it is a multi-purpose trunk suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, consisting of two modules and with a capacity of 240 liters. It is equipped with practical and comfortable side handles and two wheels, to facilitate transport even when it is full. Multi-purpose and highly versatile, this toolbox can also be used as a laundry chest or as a container for accessories of various types, as it is very capacious, durable and light. It is sold disassembled, but it is very appreciated especially because it is very easy and quick to assemble.

Terry chests are the perfect solution for those who need to carry out the storage and transport of bulky equipment: resistant resin products and equipped with wheels, they are suitable to easily transport all their work tools, be they light or heavy. In addition, these trunks are also suitable for outdoor use, because they are very resistant to wind and rain: they are perfect even for those who want to keep garden tools away, without worrying about ruining or rusting.