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Closet Drawers by TERRY

You need to fix the closet, but you do not know how? On Mister Worker™ you can choose from a wide range of Terry plastic drawers specific for wardrobes, excellent for organizing clothes and accessories in a simple and precise way.

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Closet Drawers TERRY

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Terry offers a large assortment of boxes and drawers for wardrobes, ideal for reorganizing spaces and perfect especially for the change of season: they allow you to keep clothes and accessories tidy and safe from dust and store them neatly in your wardrobe.

Terry drawer cabinets are very popular: they are practical transparent plastic drawers, available in various sizes: they can be stacked to create custom drawer units in your wardrobe, and can be removed from both sides. They are very comfortable to reorder belts, hats, underwear, scarves and gloves at the end of the season and much more, while keeping everything conveniently close at hand.

Terry drawer cabinets are designed to keep the maximum in your home: the high-quality plastic they are made of is anti-shock and dust-proof, to keep the objects contained safe. On Mister Worker™ you can find all the news in the Terry 2018 catalog: contact us at [email protected] if you want to know more.