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On Mister Worker™ you can buy a wide range of Stanley drywall tools and painting & decorating tools. In this section you will find hand grinders, hand and pole sanders, scrapers for decorators, taping knives, trowels, trowels for putty, mud pas and mixers, telescopic supports and much more.

Buy Stanley drywall tools online at the best price: taping knives, trowels, scrapers, hand sanders and grinders, mud pans and more

If you work with plasterboard, you will certainly know how important it is to use specific tools to work better. A wide range of Stanley drywall tools is available on Mister Worker ™: abrasives, scrapers, grinders and taping knives, all available for immediate delivery.

If you need to sand, grind or scratch plasterboard surfaces, the best choice is to opt for specific Stanley drywall tools: these are a series of professional tools designed specifically to work on this material without damaging it, but carrying out precise and clean finishes. Scrapers are also perfect for removing dry paint residues from various surfaces without scratching them. Stanley offers wood scrapers with interchangeable blade, glass scrapers, decorator scrapers, multipurpose scrapers and mini scrapers, for example the Stanley 0-28-218 mini window scraper, a compact tool, with 5 spare blades included.

If you want to buy Stanley taping knives, joint knives and trowels, in our catalog you will find a wide choice of tools for different uses. A trowel highly appreciated by our customers is the Stanley 0-28-206 6-in-1 multipurpose plastering trowel. This tool has an ergonomic handle and a rigid and sharp blade useful for removing mastic, cleaning rollers and opening the cans of paint. If instead you need a simple joint knife for walls, the most purchased product on our website is the Stanley STHT0-05786 stainless steel joint knife. It is 100 mm long but also available in 125 mm and 150 mm versions. This tool has a comfortable bi-material handle, galvanized steel head and flexible stainless steel blade.

To perfectly smooth plasterboard surfaces, the Stanley ST-788 hand grinder is the ideal tool. It is completely made of ribbed aluminum, it is highly resistant even if it is used continuously for a prolonged period. It is perfectly balanced and the clamp holds the abrasive paper firmly in the correct position to allow for a precise sanding. The rubber base makes it impact resistant, while the soft plastic handle makes it comfortable to use.

If you need to buy a large number of Stanley plasterboard tools to renew your work equipment, ask us for a personalized quote by writing to [email protected]: our team of experts will try to meet your professional needs.