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On Mister Worker™ you can find the full range of Stanley measuring instruments such as tape measures, compasses, measuring wheels and laser distance meters.

Stanley Tape Measures Available On Mister Worker™

One of Stanley’s core product categories is the one of tape measures and long tape measures, such as the ergonomic and long-lasting Stanley Fatmax tape measures. On Mister Worker™ you can find the entire catalogue of Stanley measuring instruments, all covered by the official Stanley warranty, a demonstration of their quality and reliability. These tools are perfect for professional and domestic use because they’re highly accurate, durable and available with both metric and imperial scales. We know how important it is to have reliable and high-quality measuring instruments in your toolbox that allow you to make precise measurements in every situation!
One of our best sellers in this product category is the 0-33-191 Powerlock 5m tape measure with a tough ABS plastic case, perfect to use on site, in a workshop or in your house. It ensures accurate measurements thanks to its end hook which can be butted to a surface or hooked onto an edge.
Another great example is the well-known Stanley Fatmax 1-33-681 with MYLAR abrasion-resistant coating. This tape measure from the Fatmax range is contained in an antishock, compact, bimaterial case that provides longer service life and resistance.

Stanley Laser Measuring Tools: Offers on Laser Distance Meters

On Mister Worker™ you can find not only traditional measuring instruments, but also laser distance meters, that allow you to carry out measurement of distance through the projection of a laser beam. Stanley laser meters are some of the most accurate and reliable measuring: one of the most popular and appreciated measuring instruments in this category is the Stanley TLM50 laser meter.
Compact, light and convenient to carry, it has a single button that makes it easy to use: it is useful both for taking simple measurements and for making continuous measurements. It is entirely covered in TPE, a material that guarantees a secure grip and excellent protection against falls, scratches, bumps and dust, as well as a great comfort of use. It has a range from 15 centimeters to 15 meters, with a typical accuracy of ± 3 mm, and measures both in millimeters and inches. The batteries are included in the package.

Marking and Tracing Equipment by Stanley

When carrying out measurements you may need a range of instruments including pencils, chalk lines and markers. If you’re looking for a permanent marker, for example, we suggest the Stanley 1-47-324 or the 0-47-316: these permanent markers are waterproof, quick-drying and extremely resistant also on surfaces such as concrete, copper and wood.
On Mister Worker™ you can also find a range of carpenter pencils and chalk lines such as the 0-47-465 powerwinder Stanley chalk line set, perfect for marking long, straight lines on flat surfaces.
The range is completed by measuring wheels, squares and compasses: contact us to receive assistance and advice regarding any of the Stanley measuring tools write to us at the email address [email protected].