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On Mister Worker™ a wide range of Stanley hammers and mallets is available, each one designed for a specific use, to give every professional the most suitable tool for their needs. Discover the Stanley catalog now!

In the Mister Worker™ catalog you can find all the Stanley 2018 catalog, which also includes a wide selection of professional hammers and mallets with very high performances. Equipping yourself with a hammer or a high-quality mallet means that you can work in peace, without the risk of damaging the surface or the components you are working on or scratching the tool itself.

In our online store of professional work equipment you can find the Stanley Fatmax® ST-630 hammer in molybdenum chrome steel for maximum strength and durability. The handle is equipped with an avxl system, which reduces stress to the cartilage of the forearm and makes the use pleasant and not tiring, for maximum performance with minimum fatigue. In addition, this hammer Stanley has a double tempering for the head, softer, and for the tines, very hard. It is a professional, reliable and resistant hammer, ideal for all professionals who often find themselves having to hammer various surfaces and different materials, more or less resistant.

All Stanley tools available on Mr. Worker™ are covered by the official Stanley warranty. If you did not find what you were looking for or if you need a personalized consultation to choose the best, contact us by email at [email protected]: our team of experts will help you and advise you, giving you assistance during the purchase.