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On Mister Worker™ you can find a wide range of clamps: not only the Stanley standard C-Clamps, but also trigger clamps and spring clamps. Check out the entire catalogue of Stanley Farmax bench vices and clamps!

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Stanley Clamps and Trigger Clamps For Sale Online on Mister Worker™

Stanley Clamps are fastening devices used to hold objects securely in place used mainly in carpentry, woodworking and construction applications, for example for holding edges when gluing. If you work daily in these sectors, for example if you are a carpenter, you surely understand the importance of having professional clamps, quick action clamps or trigger clamps in your work equipment: such tools are available on Mister Worker™ in different models and dimensions. Try the high-quality Stanley Fatmax trigger clamps: they will allow you to hold all the pieces together without damaging or scratching them.

One of the best sellers in this category is the Stanley Fatmax® Trigger Clamp FMHT0-83231 that provides you with great torque strength thanks to its practical handle. What makes this kind of clamps the most popular among professionals is that it can be tightened using one hand and that their clamp opening capacity can vary. It has a solid resin structure with a reinforced rib, and the bar is made of cold-rolled and heat-treated steel. This Stanley work tool, in fact, is equipped with reversible jaws that are coated with rubber, so that they don’t mark or damage the work surface. This Stanley clamp belongs to the Fatmax product line and guarantees maximum performance on the workplace, whatever the material you are using.
Another great example is the Stanley 9-83-079 Metal spring clamp, available as a multi-pack at a discounted price on Mister Worker™. This tool is commonly used in carpentry but also in more common tasks such as the gluing of two pieces of wood; their metal body provides for higher strength and longer service life.

All Stanley clamps, hand clamps and trigger clamps in the Mister Worker™ catalogue are available for worldwide shipment. In addition, if you need advice or a technical consultancy regarding any of the products that you find on our website, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.