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If you need new professional chisels to renew your work equipment, on Mister Worker™ you will find a wide range of Stanley chisels, suitable for a large number of different uses. Practical Stanley chisel sets are also available, all covered by official manufacturer's warranty.

In the Stanley 2018 catalog there are various types of professional chisels: chisels for masons, chisels for carpenters, chisels for mechanics, flat chisels and much more. Each chisel has a specific use: it is a tool to choose with the utmost care according to the work to be done. If you need more than one chisel to work on different materials, on Mr. Worker™ you can also find chisel sets ready to buy.

If you work in a mechanical workshop, you can not miss the set of Stanley ST-615 chisels for mechanics: they are three chrome-vanadium steel hardened chisels, useful for cutting and polishing materials such as iron, steel, cast iron, brass, bronze , copper and aluminum. They are also used to work on nuts and rivets, and can be sharpened whenever you want, to make them always as new. Powder coated, they resist shock and rust, lasting for a long time.

Whatever your profession, on Mister Worker™ you will find the chisels for you! If you are not sure which ones to choose or need more details about a product in the catalog, contact us by phone on +39 02 9143 3257 or email us at [email protected]: our customer service will respond as soon as possible and help you choice.