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Pliers and side cutters by STAHLWILLE

Pliers and nippers are very versatile work tools, useful in different situations. In the Mister Worker™ catalog there is a wide selection of Stahlwille nippers and pliers, a world-renowned brand that produces highly professional and quality equipment.

On Mr. Worker™ you can find a wide range of Stahlwille pliers and nippers: elastic ring pliers, adjustable self-locking pliers, torch-wire pliers, universal pliers, tweezers, pincers and nippers. There are also Stahlwille assortments complete with pincers and multi-purpose nippers, useful for those who need to renew their work equipment and are looking for an assortment of professional tools.

Among the most sold pliers in the catalog is the Stahlwille 6576N connector clamp, useful for unlocking or fixing screw connections or for carrying out work on light alloy pipe connections, whose surfaces can not be damaged. It has interchangeable plastic jaws, with joint connected to the plug and 4-position adjustable cavity; the handles are made of soft and ergonomic plastic, to avoid fatigue during use, and the body is made of steel highly bonded to chrome vanadium.

The Stahlwille 6677 side cutter is also very appreciated: it is a side cutter in plastic that allows a satin cut, and is very useful for working on plastic castings. It has an induction hardened angled blade at 90 ° and without facets, to cut without leaving any residue.

If you want to buy professional pliers online, entrusted to Mister Worker™: in our catalog you find only professional tools of the best brands! Choosing a Stahlwille plier or cutter means choosing the best: if you need help choosing or want some details on the professional tools we have in the catalog, write to us at [email protected].