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Non sparking tools by STAHLWILLE

For workers in conditions with a high risk of flammability or explosion, non-sparking (or explosion-proof) tools are a mandatory choice. Stahlwille manufactures high-quality, ATEX-compliant spark-proof tools for every purpose: wrenches, hammers, chisels, screwdrivers, inserts and sockets, ratchets.

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Non sparking tools STAHLWILLE

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The complete catalogue of Stahlwille explosion-proof tools, compliant with the ATEX standard

Working in environments with explosion risk, typically in the oil & gas industry on oil platforms, and more broadly in all areas of fire risk, with flammable gas fumes, requires the use of so-called explosion-proof tools, also called no-sparking tools. These tools are made with special materials, which avoid the generation of sparks in case of fall or fracture: sparks could be fatal in these contexts, in fact they could generate fires and explosions. For this reason, it is essential to equip yourself with anti-spark tools such as Stahlwille utensils, ATEX compliants.

Ratchets, wrenches, spanners, screwdrivers and many more Stahlwille non-sparking hand tools

The use of non-sparking Stahlwille tools is crucial to prevent the risk of explosion. Stahlwille represents all the quality of German-made products and manufactures hand tools made of spark-proof alloys, which are not forged but cast: tools produced by this type of processing tend to bend, in case of excessive force applications, rather than break. As a result, this is an additional prevention factor. Stahlwille explosion-proof tools are made of aluminium - bronze (AlBr) or copper beryllium (CuBe). The most popular spark protection tools for sale include wrenches, such as the double-ended open-jaw spanners, in compliance with DIN 3110: the service life of the product is optimised and increased due to the use of dedicated alloys, while the production process by casting reduces the risk of breakage to a minimum. From the anti-spark copper-beryllium ratchet to the universal combination pliers in the same alloy, Stahlwille brings together its 100% Made in Germany quality with the ATEX guidelines for the manufacture of tools suitable for working in environments with a risk of flammability or explosion.

Contact the customer care team for customized quotes and technical questions

Mister Worker™ includes the complete catalogue of explosion-proof tools by Stahlwille: from the screwdriver to the hammer, from the combined wrench to the ratchet, on Mister Worker™ you can find your way around all the no-sparking hand tools that are most suitable to you. Of course, the team of dedicated consultants and technical support is available to help you: contact our customer service for technical or commercial questions, and for customized quotes.