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Hammers and chisels by STAHLWILLE

On Mister Worker™ you can find a wide range of Stahlwille hammers, mallets, chisels and punches, faithful allies of every professional. You will find anti-bouncing mallets, flat and cross-shaped chisels, assortments of hunting pins and punches and much more.

Stahlwille hammers and mallets are hand tools that are used by many professionals: they are used to beat shots on a specific material and, depending on the material of the body and the head, strike delicately or not. There are available rubber mallets, synthetic resin, nylon, anti-rebound mallets and a set of spare heads to be purchased based on the mallet you own. In addition, on Mr. Worker™ there are also hammers for boilers and the Stahlwille 10960 hammer for mechanics, professional and specific tools that every mechanic and any boilers should have in their work equipment.

Also available in the catalog are flat, cross and groove chisels, punches, simple drills or with guide bush, awls and a selection of assortments that include all these work tools. They are all made of hardened stainless steel and highly bonded to chrome vanadium, a material that makes them resistant to wear and ensures that they last for a long time. Buying Stahlwille means investing in the future of your tools!

All Stahlwille hammers, punches, punches, chisels and chisels in the Mister Worker™ catalog have been carefully selected to ensure you buy only the best on the market. If you need help choosing and want advice, write us at [email protected]: we will be happy to help you!