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Electrotechnics by STAHLWILLE

If you work in the field of electrical engineering you know how important it is to have specific professional tools: on Mister Worker™ you can find insulated screwdrivers, screwdrivers for electronics, insulated pliers, welders, wire cutters and a wide range of Stahlwille tools for electricians.

When working in contact with electricity, it is essential to have insulated tools with you, to protect yourself and to avoid accidents at work. In the Mister Worker™ catalog you can find a wide range of isolated tools from Stahlwille, the world-famous brand that produces professional and high quality work equipment.

A work tool that every electrician has, for example, is the wire stripper. On Mister Worker™ the Stahlwille 6622 wire stripping pliers are available, highly professional and designed for intensive use: they have an adjustment screw to fix the diameter of the wire on which it must operate, and reach up to a maximum of 5mm. These wire stripping pliers are available in two models: with a chrome-plated head and resin handles with soft inserts, or with a polished head and handles coated in rough resin.

In the catalog of Mr. Worker™ you can find all the electrical tools you need: wire strippers, cable lugs, 1000V insulated keys, VDE accessories, telescopic mirrors, electronic wire cutters ... and if you do not find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us via email to [email protected]: our customer service is at your disposal!