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Baum Drills, Crowns, Cutters, Chisels by STAHLWILLE

Stahlwille's catalogue includes the quality, 100% made in Germany, of the drills, cutters, chisels and crowns by Baum - Technology 4 Drilling. The high quality of Baum drills and accessories makes them the ideal products for drilling and demolition of concrete and stone.

Baum products: drills and accessories for drilling and demolishing concrete, masonry and stone

Baum stands for excellence in German quality: its catalogue includes drills, chisels, cutters, crowns and accessories to allow professionals to perform drilling and demolition operations on specific materials. Baum is distinguished by the quality and technology that make it the market leader and that allow high performance with an advantageous price compared to the quality. Baum products are distinguished by their carbide head, the use of special steels and the design of the tip, which ensure the long life and toughness of the product. The spiral design also simplifies the removal of residual material. For example, the Baum SDS Plus 2 drill bits are suitable for drilling reinforced concrete and particularly hard materials, and to execute high-precision holes with the centering system. Also available in sets with 7 drills, the SDS Plus 2 has concave cutting edges to increase the removal of waste due to drilling. In addition, the special cutting-edge geometry makes drilling hard materials more efficient. A special mention about safety: the reinforced body minimizes vibration and is optimized to transfer power from the tool to the cutting edge.

Drills, cutters, chisels and crowns: everything you need for drilling

Mister Worker™ provides the complete catalogue of Baum drills and accessories, a complete offer for drilling and demolition. From 4-edged Zentro Plus drills to Versio crowns and chisels, Baum's offer is complete and is part of Mister Worker™'s extensive catalogue, which guarantees an excellent, tailor-made service for every need. If you need technical advices or commercial informations, or if you need a customized quote for your needs, contact our customer service: the technical experts will take care of your case and will be able to offer you the best support. Ask for a quote now for your order of Baum tips and accessories.