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Aviation by STAHLWILLE

A brand with more than 150 years of experience, Stahlwille has always been at the side of the aviation industry. Aerospace is in fact one of the reference sectors in which the famous brand Made in Germany has specialized over the years, becoming a choice of excellence. Hand tools produced by Stahlwille for the aviation industry include torque wrenches, polygonal socket wrenches and extensions, Allen wrenches, pliers and flexometers, LED lamps and torches, ratchets, TORQ SET® screwdrivers and trolleys with tool sets.

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Working in the aeronautical sector means having to work both with different materials and with an extremely high degree of precision. Stahlwille manufactures high-security aeronautical tools. For example, aircraft bolts cannot be standard but made of alloy, and the tools must be of certified quality. Stahlwille aircraft sockets are manufactured from steel alloys selected for the highest strength, and are designated by the letters HPQ, High Performance Quality.

Stahlwille Tools for the Aeronautical Industry

Stahlwille's specialisation in aeronautics and its long experience working alongside leading aircraft manufacturers have led to the creation of the TCS (Tool Control System), which certifies greater safety and has won the Aerospace Industry Award. Today Stahlwille offers a specialized catalogue for aeronautics and for maintenance, repair and overhaul applications (MRO), which is subjected to strict tests and controls. Since 1992, the quality control system has been in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and the tests are carried out by the DAkkS calibration laboratory accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 at the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle. Among the best-selling products in the catalogue are undoubtedly the complete solutions, such as the Line Maintenance set in tool trolley 13214 with 121 tools, perfect for organising your work tools, for optimizing space and processes, and for the high quality of the utensils. Of course, Stahlwille is also specialized in dynamometry for aviation: for this reason, professionals choose torque control tools such as the electronic torque wrench SENSOTORK® 701, known as "the little one" (for its compact size, for small torques, from 1 N-m), or the torque wrench MANOSKOP® 730D, a specific production wrench, designed to avoid human error and that can become goniometric with an insert.

The catalogue also includes, of course, ratchets and socket wrenches, HPQ certified, cadmium-free and suitable for use on titanium alloy components. The rest of the catalogue is also worth mentioning, ranging from flexometers to wire twisting pliers, from hexagonal wrenches to LED lights, up to screwdrivers. Everything you need to work best in aerospace and ensure maximum safety on components at FOD risk (Foreign Object Damage). If you are looking for more information or need a quote for your company, write to us through the contact form: our customer care will take care of your request and will assist you in finding the best solution.