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NORA Work Boots

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Buy the Complete Catalog of NORA on Mister Worker™: Safety and Work Boots

At Mister Worker™ we know that providing high-quality tools and instruments to professionals is as essential as offering products that protect them while they are working. Therefore, from May 2021 on Mister Worker™ you can find NORA safety footwear, an internationally renowned brand for safety boots and work boots.

On Mister Worker™ you will find the full range of NORA safety boots in polyurethane and pvc, original, certified by the manufacturer and of high-quality.

Discover the entire NORA Safety Range - High-quality Work Boots Made in Italy

NORA is part of the Spirale Group and it represents the utility branch of footwear offered by the company. Nora professional boots boast Italian quality and manufacturing. In fact, the brand designs and manufactures its products in the Cinte Tesino plant, located in Trentino (Italy).

The company has always been inspired by values such as innovation, professionalism and high quality, relying on huge investments in R&D. These peculiarities of the company have made Nora a leader in the safety sector at European level.

Nora boots are made with different materials (e.g. Polyurethane, Gommaforte, Time-Stopper and Pplus PVC), to be used in different professional sectors.

Polyurethane, in particular, is an innovative material, adaptable and with a duration and resistance superior to PVC or rubber. For this reason Polyurethane is widely applied in Nora boots.

Discover NORAMAX and NORATHERM, the two flagship lines of the wide range of Nora products. The boots of these two lines are very light and resistant. S4 and S5/Type II safety boots have reinforced steel toe, non-slip and antistatic sole. S4 footwear also has a heel protection, while S5 boots have anti-puncture midsole.

From Mister Worker™ you can buy the entire catalog of Nora professional and safety footwear, Nora clogs and Nora thigh fishing boots online, click here to download the PDF catalog.

Nora Work Boots: the ideal solution for agriculture, food industry, construction workers

Mister Worker™ offers only high-quality products, such as Nora footwear, ideal for all professionals who put safety and practicality first. Nora is the first choice for workers operating in different fields: from manufacturing to agriculture, from construction to shipbuilding. 

Nora boots are available for men and women and in different colors: blue work boots, white work boots, yellow work boots, black work boots, orange work boots.

Nora thermal boots such as work boots for agriculture and safety boots for agriculture are perfect for those who work daily in difficult climatic situations. Hence, they are widely used by professionals operating throughout the agricultural and forestry sector.

Nora Industrial safety boots and industrial work boots are patented and also guaranteed to be used in the industrial sector. They keep you safe even in dangerous situations and they are necessary to prevent serious and less serious accidents. For instance, Nora offers a wide range of boots with steel toecaps and steel insoles. Nora safety boots are cut resistant and they protect the foot and part of the leg from burns, shocks, electric shocks and falls. Discover the Nora Superior Protection for the industry, these boots help amortize the impact on the ground thanks to the Elastopan® polyurethane sole and the Ortholite® insole. Nora work boots for the food industry and safety boots for the food industry are also widely used in the field because they thermally insulate the foot and are equipped with steel anti-crushing toes.

Mister Worker™ is an official Spirale Outdoor boots worldwide dealer

Thanks to Mister Worker™, you can receive Nora safety boots and Spirale Canadian Boots all over the world. For instance, you can easily receive high-quality Nora boots in Italy, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, the Philippines or Singapore. In fact, Mister Worker™, distributes tools in over 180 countries, even in large quantities if necessary, if you request a personalized quote.

Have a look at the category of Spirale items included on Mister Worker™ and discover the canadian boots for men and canadian boots for women, as well as Spirale winter boots!

To request a custom quote, contact one of our sales representatives.

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