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Tyre inflators by MECLUBE

Meclube tyre inflators are the perfect tools for service stations and mechanical workshops: they are used to check and restore tyre pressure. They are available in two models: with automatic winding they work through the inflation and exhaust valve with lever; with manual winding they work through the inflation gun.

If you need a reliable and long-lasting inflator, here you can find what available for immediate delivery the Meclube 2018 catalog, with manual and self-winding tyres inflators, as well as a series of accessories for inflators designed for a vast range of uses.

Very useful especially in workshops and service stations is undoubtedly the Meclube 24L trolley-mounted tyres inflator: the tank has a capacity of 24 liters and is the ideal tool for checking and restoring tire pressure, which is carried out by the inflation gun equipped with a pressure gauge with a scale from 0 to 10 Bar.

Much appreciated by our customers is also the Meclube 12L portable automatic inflation pump: the tank has a capacity of 12 liters and is equipped with a double head inflating tube with a length of 1.20m. The small size makes it ideal for transport in service stations and workshops, when there is a need to check the tire pressure on various vehicles. It is also very practical to use, because the inflation and deflation operations are carried out using a single three-position lever.