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Oil drain units by MECLUBE

The oil drain unit is a machine designed to recover the oil of the vehicles quickly, allowing their correct disposal. Meclube oil drain units, available here at a special price, are designed for a professional use in mechanical workshops or industrial maintenance plants.

Classic oil drain units, wheeled oil drain units, floor oil drain units, pit oil drain units, recovery tanks... in the catalog of Mister Worker™, the online store of professional work equipment, you can find the complete range of Meclube spent oil oil drain units. These machines are very useful to speed up the change of oil on various types of vehicles, because they allow you to perform a quick and clean job.

Wheeled oil drain units are useful for those who have to work on various vehicles and move frequently within the workshop, while the fixed ones are usually the favourites of those who work in a small mechanical workshop; the drain units for ground are ideal for fall recovery of engine oil and then quickly and easily transfer it into the storage tank; if you have to work on vehicles placed on the pit, there are also oil drain units for pits, which can be emptied through an emptying pump connected to the fixed system or directly to the tank; and, to conclude, there is also a series of recovery basins to replace the old ones and have a product that is always clean and functioning.

Among others, here you can find the Meclube exhausted oil drain unit 120L: the tank, equipped with level indicator, has a capacity of 120 liters and is therefore very useful to perform repeated oil changes even on vehicles with high capacity. It has a practical ABS funnel that can rotate 360 ​​°, as well as a height-adjustable anti-reflux grid to drip the oil filters replaced.