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Exhausted oil aspirators by MECLUBE

Meclube air-operated oil aspirators are the perfect tools to change engine oil on any vehicle in a quick and precise way. They can work autonomously after depressurization, without being continuously connected to compressed air: for the suction it is possible to use the supplied probe, or to purchase others according to the fluid you are working on.

These tools can drain the oil at temperatures of 60/80° C, even when the engine has just been switched off, and guarantee a perfect result in a simple and fast way. They can only be used to drain engine oil: you absolutely do not have to drain corrosive liquids, flammable liquids, fuels and brakes oils, or you may damage the unit permanently.

Here you can find classic and pantograph air-operated oil aspirators; wheeled or wall mounted air-operated oil pumps; aspirators with diaphgram pump, that is, fixed aspirators driven by an air-operated pump and ideal for the suction of exhausted oil on any vehicle; and spare probes, to be chosen according to the type and quantity of fluid to work on.

Among the pneumatic vacuum cleaners available in our online store of professional tools, one of the best known is the 120L Meclube pneumatic oil exhauster with pre-chamber. Its tank has a capacity of 120 liters, while the pre-chamber has a maximum capacity of 10 liters, and the emptying of the tank takes place thanks to the pneumatic force: it is the ideal tool to quickly change the oil to any vehicle , but you must always remember not to use it for corrosive liquids, flammable liquids, fuels and specific oils for the brakes, or you may damage it irreversibly.