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MECLUBE UK catalogue: Lubrication Equipment and System for Oil and Grease Distribution

On Mister Worker® you can find the complete catalogue of lubrication equipment by Meclube, in particular several types of pumps, instruments for oil and grease distribution, hose reels and much more.

It is a young and dynamic italian company that offers a wide range of professional lubrication systems, ideal to be used on an industrial level. After its foundation in 1998, the firm immediately became internationally known for its products and its qualified personnel. Its high quality standards in production are recognised all over the world and comply with the ISO 9001:2008 standards. 

The relationship with customers in the post-sale period is really important to the business, who always tries to assist customers in all sales processes. Although the range of products included in its catalogue is really wide and diversified, the brand's tools are all characterized by high quality and efficiency levels. Moreover, the company constantly works on the development of new products, which help those who daily use lubricants on an industrial level.

The Production of Lubrication Equipment

Choosing the firm's lubrication equipment means supporting a young and reliable company, which is able to give the most suitable solution to professionals from every professional field. All the brand's lubrication systems are carefully checked and tested during each phase of the production process, to give the customer a fully functional and completely reliable instrument, with meticulous attention to detail.
The organisation fabricates every element internally in its plants near Mantua, without outsourcing, relying only on highly qualified personnel with high technical skills. 

This brand's lubrication equipment are products of high quality and strength, all tested carefully before being sold on the market: the company has several machines with a great production potential, as well as a wide range of professional tools to assembly and test all lubrication machinery. The production process is flexible and fast, so that it has quickly established one of the most reliable Italian companies in the lubrication sector, chosen by an increasing number of companies and industries. One of the key points that makes the firm one of the most famous lubrication systems producers is the customisation of its products, from the colour to the branding, to give its customers only the best work equipment.

One of the brand's core product lines is grease distribution, which contains really useful instruments for the automotive sector. This category includes not only a wide range of air operated grease pumps, but also manual grease pumps and pressure regulators

Mister Worker® is Meclube UK Official Reseller providing Official Warranty

Mister Worker® is a MECLUBE UK official reseller, which means that you can find the complete catalogue of lubrication equipment online. This is not all: each product that you purchase on Mister Worker® is covered by a 2-year official warranty. Should you require any technical information or need assistance, we suggest you contact us.

If you’re looking for diaphragm pumps, instruments for oil distribution, hose reels, oil drain units or pressure sprayers, on Mister Worker® you will find everything you need and you will be able to purchase it in a few clicks and get the products delivered to you really fast. What are you waiting for?

Special Offers and Promotions on Mister Worker®

Finally, we suggest you check out our section dedicated to the special deals, where you can find a selection of highly professional lubrication equipment at really affordable prices. Do not miss this chance to purchase pneumatic pumps, exhausted oil vacuum cleaners, nebulizers, electric pumps, exhausted oil recuperators and much more at exceptional prices!

For example, take a look at the air-operated suction drainer for exhausted oil, the ideal tool to change the engine oil of your vehicles in a fast and easy way. It is equipped with a device for internal cleaning and with a pre-chamber which is really useful because it allows fast and immediate control of the quantity and quality of the oil sucked in. Other interesting products included in our Special Offers sections are the air-operated grease pump, particularly suitable for the supply through air of all kinds of grease at high pressure, both at short and long distance, and the 022-1288-B00 Oil Set with delivery capacity 25 l/min, which includes an air-operated oil pump, an hose and an oil digital dispensing nozzle.